TikTok Has Convinced Us To Wash Our Hairbrush — But Be Warned, The Results Aren’t Pretty

TikTok Has Convinced Us To Wash Our Hairbrush — But Be Warned, The Results Aren’t Pretty

TikTok has returned with another viral beauty tip we wish we’d known about earlier. It’s not a $10 beauty dupe or a way to remove nail polish with a tampon this time around, but rather, it’s a hairbrush cleaning hack that involves your sink, a bit of shampoo and some very eye-opening results. 

After seeing another user’s TikTok the week prior, @everything_tidy was inspired to give her hairbrush collection a wash. A move that left the reactions of her followers completely divided. While one half of the comments were surprised that she didn’t already clean her brushes on a regular basis, the other half (like us) were amazed at the amount of dirt they collected.

In the video, she reveals that dirty hairbrushes (logically) will lead to dirty hair. How haven’t we thought of that?  “I watched a video last week and it was a lady and she said, ‘maybe the main reason why your hair is getting greasy or oily quickly isn’t in fact because of your hair follicles and it is in fact because of your brush.’”

After filling up the sink with warm water and shampoo, she returned to her soaking brushes after 60 minutes. The results were, um, gross.

“So I’ve left them for an hour and come back to check the water… oh my god, that’s disgusting! Ladies, don’t forget to wash your hairbrushes. I didn’t even know that was a thing, but look at the state of that,” she said of the alarmingly discoloured water.

And to be honest, that’s the only compelling evidence we need to see. So off we go, to give our brushes the scrub they so truly deserve.

What do you think about this? Do you regularly clean your hairbrush?

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  1. I wash my brushes regularly & I’m shocked that everyone else doesn’t do the same! First, I clean out the hairs trapped in the bristles with a comb; then, I scrub with shampoo & a nailbrush. But then, I have to clean any remaining hairs out of the nailbrush with a comb. Combs are easy to clean.

    My hair’s oily, so I’ve got to clean my brushes regularly!

  2. I love to clean my hairbrushes. I put them in a plastic dish and use shampoo and warm water. I scrub the bristles with a clean nail brush. At first I couldn’t believe how dirty the water gets.

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