Clairol Root Touch-up Spray

Clairol Root Touch-up Spray


50 women who want to conceal grey hairs.



of members found Clairol Root Touch-up Concealing Spray provided them with sufficient grey coverage.


of members found Clairol Root Touch-up Concealing Spray was easy to incorporate into their daily beauty routine.


of members said Clairol Root Touch-up Concealing Spray provided them with natural-looking coverage.


of members would recommend Clairol Root Touch-up Concealing Spray to their friends and family.

beautyheaven says…

, The Clairol Nice’n Easy Root Touch-up Concealing Spray is a temporary root touch-up spray that helps to extend the life of colour and hide greys in just three seconds. The easy-to-apply spray-in colour blends with natural hair colours, lasts until the next shampoo and is touch-resistant, water-resistant, sweat-resistant and rain-resistant. It is available in Dark Blonde, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Red and Black. The majority of triallers found that the Clairol Nice’n Easy Root Touch-up Concealing Spray  Spray gave sufficient and natural-looking grey coverage that lasted until their next shampoo.  A lot of triallers liked the packaging of the spray and found it quick and easy to use. Most triallers found that the spray matched their current hair colour and was sweat, touch and water resistant. The majority of triallers said they would continue to use Clairol Nice’n Easy Root Touch-up Concealing Spray after the trial. *Based on a survey of 50 beautyheaven Trial Team members. The products for this Trial Team have been provided by Clairol Nice’n Easy for the purpose of trial and review. All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the beautyheaven members participating in this trial.

You say:

ct for touch ups between salon visits

spray is super easy to use – it’s basically just a coloured hairspray that you use on dry, styled hair. It sprays where you want it to go and it instantly covers regrowth and greys and dries almost instantly – I do it as the last thing before walking out the door. I used the dark brown colour which blended perfectly with my dark brown hair including over some lighter highlights. I wash my hair every two days and this spray lasts well between washes without fading or transferring onto my clothes or pillow. I do find though that if I forget and scratch my head it does transfer under my fingernails but it washes off straight away without staining.…read more reviews here

s well and looks natural

e, who has quite a lot of grey and my hair grows pretty quick the Clairol root touch-up is great! It’s perfect to use in between hair salon visits! The spray is easy to use with a small nozzle, small bottle that fits easily in the hand, I just shook the bottle and sprayed over my dry hair on the greys then massaged it in a bit with my fingertips (need to wash your hands afterwards;-) It dries quickly and I must say blended very well with my hair colour, it looked very natural. The smell is pleasant and not too overwhelming. It says it’s sweat resistant and I tried it out with running and gym sessions in Queensland’s humidity, I was a bit worried that I would have brown streaks running down my face but the colour stayed put and didn’t come off till I washed my hair.…read more reviews here


itial opinion of the product was the packaging. It was a clean and feminine looking spray can that was so quick and easy to use. When I sprayed it went exactly where it was supposed to go without any mess. I particularly liked the coverage. I felt light and fresh and was fast to dry without any sticky residue left behind. I really enjoyed the fact that there wasn’t any heavy perfume or fragrance of any kind. It didn’t stain my clothes when I was dressing either which was good for doing my hair quickly. I would absolutely recommend this to my friends and family. I have since noticed that it is available in both chemists and supermarkets at such a reasonable price. The only issue for me to use again was that I have naturally blonde hair and found the colour slightly too dark for me.…read more reviews here

quick cover up on the go

ed this product. It is lightweight and sprays on very easily. It lasted until my last shampoo. Easy to apply to roots and dries nicely. Non-greasy. I especially like that there are no nasty chemicals in the spray bottle. You must shake the bottle and spray 15cm away from the roots to get even great coverage. I love that it instantly covers my grey and can have peace of mind in between dying my hair. I love the thin tip as it makes it easier to get to hard to roots. It can stain skin if used to close to face. But can be easily wiped off. I would definitely buy this product and make it a part of my regular beauty routine.…read more reviews here

solute gem of a product!

roduct is in a spray format, with a very thin black plastic nozzle that allows you to target the exact area that needs attention. The spray can itself is a great size and would easily fit into a medium-sized handbag. My hair is dyed blonde so this Dark Blonde shade worked perfectly for me. I used the spray on completely dry hair, and mainly just around the hairline (on the forehead and around the ears). It worked so effectively and coloured my grey/white hairs in a very natural fashion. The spray is fine and dry – I did not need any ‘drying’ time at all. The spray has no fragrance at all and is not greasy or sticky. It covered my grey/white hairs with ease and did not come off until I washed my hair again in the next shower. The spray did not cause me any redness or irritation.…read more reviews here

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