Cher Says This Hairstyle Is “Fine For Other Girls” But You Won’t See It On Her

Cher Says This Hairstyle Is “Fine For Other Girls” But You Won’t See It On Her

There’s no denying it: Cher is equally as renowned for her top 10 style moments as she is for her top 10 hit singles.

And when it comes to the singer’s best beauty looks over the years, her trademark jet-black middle part has always been a constant.  That, and the fact that she never seems to age. 

Now, at 75, it turns out that iconic inky black hair still isn’t going anywhere. Contrary to most celebrities who have talked about embracing their grey hair, Cher revealed to People that this natural transition is simply not for her. Totally non-judgmental about those who have done it, Cher’s decision is one of her own. “It’s fine for other girls, I’m just not doing it,” she said.

Cher’s latest project as an ambassador for M.A.C Cosmetics alongside rapper Saweetie, 28, shows that her iconic status hasn’t changed even with the passing of generations. Over 80 singles aside, it is quite possible that the singers never-changing hair or verging on mythical ability to never age has something to do with it. 

Likewise, Cher vows to never let go of her fluttery lashes or bold glitter eyeshadow. “It’s all about having fun,” she said. “I just think that people who worry about the way someone puts on their makeup should get a life.” 

But the secret to her youthful appearance? Turns out it’s more of a mindset than a Benjamin Button-esque tonic.  “You know what? You never stop being a girl. If you never stop being a girl, you’ll never get old.” 

Basically, **think young thoughts**.

What do you think about going grey? Are you going to embrace it or avoid it?

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  1. I watched the interview with Sonny and Cher on the David Letterman show and I could sense the genuine love and admiration that they still had for each other even though they were married to other people by then. Cher’s performance on that show (even though she had a sore throat) was phenomenal (as was her outfit!) She is one-of-a-kind. 💖

    • Im with you @Izzy because I have bright white hair regrowing 😭 I have a good chunk of it now at 35, I started going white in my early 20’s and now the regrowth of just one of my brows is majority white too. If mine was a nice grey I might have embraced it later down the track but wasn’t as fortunate.

  2. I’m totally happy with my natural silver grey hair which I have been super lucky with as it has greyed attractively. Each person needs to do what is right for them, and be comfortable about their choice.

  3. “She never seems to age” – silly comment when she’s had so much cosmetic work done. None of us would look our age if we’d all had as much work done as she has.

    I don’t want to go grey and will be colouring my hair like I always have.

    • That’s so true, Hayley! When I was a kid, there was an endless stream of jokes about her multiple surgeries; yet she looks good – apart from the frozen immobility of her face. At least she doesn’t have freakish features like so many celebrities who have had botched work done.

  4. Cher being 75 would already have grey hair I guess she can have different hairstyle Wigs to wear, after all she is an icon. Cher likes to keep her look it is what makes her Cher ❤️

  5. I started greying prematurely, so I like to colour my hair. When my regrowth gets more white than dark, I might go platinum, or maybe a vivid purple or blue.

    Glittery eyeshadow? No, but I still wear bright colours at 55. Bold colours have always suited me.

  6. Have watched Cher over the years and watched her evolve into the person she is today. Cher and Sonny were a great duo but life changed and they both moved on with grace and style, which is something I admire.
    Now my opinion on grey hair is “not for me” as I will dye my hair for many years to come as I feel old if my grey hair shows!

  7. Im a blonde so the grey is not as noticeable on me as it is on someone with dark hair. Im in my late 50’s but still dont have a lot of greys.
    I have pretty good skin for my age also but I dont think I will look as awesome as Cher when im 78….BUT…If you see her close up you know whs has had surgery.

  8. It really depends on how well it suits people. Grey really suits some people while it prematurely ages others. I have very pale skin so light coloured/grey hair makes me look washed out and anaemic.

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