Dramatic hair change? Here’s what to do

Dramatic hair change? Here’s what to do

Want to go platinum? Chop your Rapunzel-esque locks to your shoulders? Shave your head a la Amber Rose?

For most people, making a dramatic hair change takes a hell of a lot of thought and preparation. So before you mix it up, ask yourself the following questions.

Will the style suit you?

If you’re looking to change your hair colour, figure out whether the colour will suit your complexion. Generally speaking, the lighter your skin tone, the lighter you can go with your hair.

So if you’ve got pale skin, you can get away with light blonde tones like platinum. Warm skin tones look best with golden shades like honey, butterscotch and light browns, whereas olive and deeper skin tones suit rich brown tones. These are just rough guidelines. Sometimes, pale skin suits black hair, and other times, darker-skinned girls look great with lighter hair. Yes I’m talking about you, Beyonce!

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If you want to mix up your style, think about your face shape. Heart, oval and round-shaped faces suit different styles.

bh tip: Wondering whether you can pull off shorter locks? Check out this clever hair hack.

Similarly, different textures can handle different cuts. For instance, if you’ve got super thick, wavy or curly hair, steer clear of layers. And remember – if you’re not sure whether a style will suit you, ask your hairdresser to be honest!

Does the hairstyle match your overall style?

When you’re making a dramatic change, you have to be prepared to walk the walk and talk the talk. Crazy hairstyles – think shaved heads, platinum manes and purple balayage – suit those with more ‘out there’ fashion senses. Before going through with anything too drastic, be certain you can rock it with confidence. Because really, that’s all that matters.

Are you being realistic?

Be practical. Will you get the style you’re after in one session and if not, are you prepared to put up with not-quite-there hair for a little while?  Another question may be: are you willing to give your new, high maintenance-hair the attention it deserves?

Some styles only work with a fresh blow-dry. If you prefer to hit the snooze button over washing, drying and styling your mane, you might need to rethink your decision to chop your curly hair into a textured pixie cut.

Do you have photos for inspiration?

It’s true, a picture does tell a thousand words. Instead of trying to explain to your hairdresser what you’re after, show them! Search for pictures of celebrities and models with similar styles to what you want. Copying the exact style may not be possible, but it ‘ll give your stylist a clear idea.

Have you had a consultation with a hairdresser?

A consultation is the most important part of a hair service, especially when you’re looking to make a dramatic change. We recommend booking in a 10-minute consultation with your stylist a week or two before you take the plunge.

Have you given the style a test drive?

Um-ing and ah-ing over cutting a fringe? Pull your hair into a high pony, flick it over the top of your head and see whether it suits your face.

Thinking of changing your hair colour or chopping your hair? Go crazy with wigs. This is a sure-fire way to tell whether you can pull off a funky hairstyle or completely different colour. It’s also fun – bonus!

Are you prepared for buyer’s remorse?

Adjusting to a drastic change takes time, so be prepared for a case of buyer’s remorse. It may take a while to get over the initial shock and love your new hair. If you leave the salon unhappy, don’t give up hope. Wash your hair yourself, style it as you normally would and then see how you feel.  It can take a couple of days for the dye to settle and look more natural, and a week or so for your hairstyle to grow out a little.

Are you in the right frame of mind?

It can be very tempting to make a drastic change to your hair during times of stress. If you just lost your job or broke up with your significant other, take a step back and ask yourself, “do I really want this?” Don’t make any heat-of-the-moment, spontaneous decisions. Instead, sit on it for a little bit. Nine times out of 10, you’ll still want to make the change, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Are you planning to make a drastic change to your hair? Have you considered these tips?

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