11 celebs who brought regrowth back

11 celebs who brought regrowth back

What was once a beauty faux pas for any respectable woman is now one of the coolest trends about town, with many celebs proudly flaunting their grown-out tresses. Yep, this is one low maintenance movement we can definitely get behind. Say hello to the women who’ve given us 11 reasons to dodge the colourist.

Drew Barrymore

Who could forget Drew’s pro-root debut in 2010? She quickly became the poster girl for grown-out, ombre hair, with several leading ladies following suit. #trendsetter

Kristen Stewart

Given the star’s laid-back approach to just about everything, those overgrown roots might not have been deliberate. Nevertheless, we think her hair looks pretty damn good. Claim this one, K-Stew.

Blake Lively

It may have all been in the name of her pregnancy, but we have a sneaking suspicion Mrs Reynolds is in no hurry to get to the salon. No one rocks the effortlessly cool ‘California girl’ look quite like Lively.

What do you think of the roots trend? Will you try growing out your colour?

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