11 celebs who brought regrowth back


Sarah Jessica Parker

Carrie may have had her fair share of questionable ‘dos, but we admired her for having the guts to experiment, beauty-wise. SJP is the same, proving this look is stylish and here to stay.  

Nicki Minaj

It’s clear she ain’t a natural blonde, but this slashie isn’t trying to fool anyone. Only a woman with serious attitude can pull off such obvious regrowth. Frankly, we’re not brave enough to tell her otherwise.

Alexa Chung

The Brit ‘it girl’ never puts a foot wrong in the style department, and this low maintenance yet high fashion look confirms why she’s always in the front row.


If anyone is going to inspire you to let your roots go, it’s Queen Bey. Paired with her cheeky chop, we think Beyonce is at the top of her (mane) game.

What do you think of the roots trend? Will you try growing out your colour?

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