This bride is a reminder not to wear a pen in your hair

This bride is a reminder not to wear a pen in your hair

When you think of your dream wedding hairstyle, it probably doesn’t involve a blue pen exploding in your hair a week before your big day. This is exactly what happened to bride-to-be Daphne Martin.

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Canadian hairdresser and colourist Kelly O’Leary-Woodford shared on her Instagram an image of the hair disaster, captioned with a warning, “One week before my clients wedding…DON’T PUT A PEN IN YOUR HAIR”.

The bride tells Allure, “I was working at Costco at the time, and I had put a pen into my messy ponytail. A coworker approached me and told me what had happened and I was in complete shock.”

O’Leary-Woodford explains in her caption a five minute dose of lightener managed to remove the blue colouring completely out of Martin’s platinum blonde hair. Worth noting, however is that if Martin’s hair had been any darker the lightener may have done more than just remove the pen colour. “If she’d had brown hair, lightener could lighten the [hair colour], so it may have been a little trickier,” O’Leary-Woodford tells Allure. “I would try to lighten it, then would have to re-colour the spot to blend it back in.” While Martin’s wedding hair crisis was averted, a brunette may not have been so lucky.

Main image via @poppydelevigne

Inset image via @hairbymisskellyo

What do you think of this beauty disaster? Has anything like this ever happened to you?

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