10 surprising uses for bobby pins


Ahh, the bobby pin.

Half the time you can’t find one, and when you finally do, the joy is real.

Which is why, now you have it in your hot little hand, you need to get the most out of that bad boy. 

I’m not just talking about keeping your hair off your face (although this is a very valid use). 

Here are ten other things you can do with them…  

#1. Make your curls last longer

Do your curls fizzle out before you’ve even left the house? Release each one fresh from the curling iron, roll it up carefully and pin it to your scalp. For added oomph, wait for the coils to cool, then spritz them lightly with hairspray. When you’re ready to leave, gently release the pins. Your waves should stay set for a LOT longer.

#2. Boost your ponytail

As someone who used to struggle with a long, thick ponytail, I was devastated to discover this sneaky styling hack a haircut too late. To help prop up your pony, crisscross a pair of pins underneath it, just beneath the elastic. This will help give it extra support (and maximum flickability). 

#3. DIY contour brush

This is not a long-term replacement for the real thing, but if you’re holidaying with a paired-back beauty kit, a bobby pin can turn your powder brush into a contour, bronzer or highlighter brush. Simply pinch the bristles together, and then slide a bobby pin onto either side of the brush to hold the shape. 

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#4. Jazz them up

Rather than splurging on a fancy hair accessory, try painting your humble bobby pins with your favourite nail polish (top coat is optional). You can also super glue a diamanté or fake flower to the end for a cute, kitch finish. Tip: Blonde hair looks good when paired with a blue hue, while brunettes look beaut with baby pink. 

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#5. Use up the last of the toothpaste

When it comes to beauty struggles, squeezing out that last bit of toothpaste from the tube is righttt up there. Take the stress and struggle out of it by sliding a bobby pin on to the end. Then use it to push down the remaining paste. #Genius, am I right?

#6. Make hair art

Hidden bobby pins are handy, but visible bobby pins are far more fabulous (and on-trend atm). Stack a bunch on one side of your style, or make a jazzy, geometric shape using different colours. The possibilities are endless!

#7. Apply eyelash glue

If you’re a fan of falsies, you’ll know the struggle of getting that thin line of eyelash glue along your favourite set. Thankfully, the tiny prongs of bobby pins have got you covered. Because who doesn’t dig DIY with minimal mess?

#8. Keep your snacks fresh

Unless you’re ridiculously well organised, you probably don’t have a draw full of those clip thingies. To ensure that large packet of Doritos goes the distance, slide a couple of bobby pins on to secure the opening. Too easy.

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#9. Use for a bookmark

Bookmarks are cute and all, but they’re a pain in the a**. So, to stop you losing your chapter without having to dog-ear that precious page, mark it with a bobby pin. The best part? It won’t fall out on you in your beach bag. 

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#10. Use for a paperclip 

Are you always running out of paperclips? Keep a packet of bobby pins in your desk draw for emergencies. They definitely won’t secure a whole dossier, but they’re perfect for that holiday handover. Plus, every recipient gets a free bobby pin! #Winning.

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