Boar bristle brilliance


Do you remember how Marcia Brady used to brush her hair 100 times on each side? Well, she needn’t have bothered with so many strokes had she just used a boar bristle brush to begin with.

You see, unlike plastic brushes and combs, boar bristle brushes are a lot softer on the hair and so are less likely to pull or damage your strands. They also help to redistribute oils throughout the hair, boosting shine in a flash! (Hint: great for any blondes out there who struggle to achieve added.)

So which brushes are the best? Check out some of the beautyheaven reviews on the best boar bristle brushes and see for yourself…

Lady Jayne Brush – 100% Boar Bristle
“This brush is perfect for my hair as its fine and can sometimes be a little static or frizzy. This brush is safe to use on fine hair as it lessens snags and breakage. I thought the price was a bit steep at the time I bought it but after using it, its totally worth it.” – Star791

Elite Cushion Brush – with 100% boar bristles
“This is one of those rare tools a curly haired gal can use, other than a detangling comb. When I want a good massage for my scalp and a brush for my hair this is what I use. It doesn’t have hard brissles. The rounded edges are soft so there are no irritations or tangles.” – chattycat

What is your all-time favourite hair brush?

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