The blow-drying mistakes you didn’t even know you were making

The blow-drying mistakes you didn’t even know you were making

Blow-drying. It’s one of those things you probably do (and often), and if you’re anything like us, your approach is more of a blast-it-mercilessly-while-it’s-sopping-until-it’s-not-anymore style which, let’s face it, isn’t exactly the right way to go about drying it.

So what is the proper way to blowdry your hair? Here are 7 ways to change your mane-scaping routine without spending serious hours in front of the mirror:

MISTAKE #1: Your hair is too wet

Hair should be between 60 – 65 percent dry before you even think about using the dryer. You see, the longer your hair is exposed to heat, the more damage you’re likely to cause, and sopping wet hair is far more likely to develop frizz as you attempt to dry it. Absorb as much moisture as possible with a towel, then let it dry naturally before taking to the dryer. And remember to use your fingers in place of a brush.

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MISTAKE #2: You’re skipping heat protectant

Damaged or not, a heat protectant should always be the mane step at the top of your to-do list before styling. Not only will it protect your strands from incurring damage as a result of heat exposure, it’ll help optimise the performance of hot tools, meaning healthier hair and an overall safer, better looking style. It’s a real no-brainer. 

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MISTAKE #3: You’re not sectioning your hair

Why not just flip your head upside down and blast it all at once with the dryer? Because unless you dry section by section, you’re going to end up with a giant frizz-ball of hair, not to mention a sore neck! Clip the top section of your hair and start from the underneath, working your way through layers of hair as you go. 

MISTAKE #4: You’re forgetting the nozzle

The attachment that looks like a duckbill which came with your dryer in the box when you bought it and still remains untouched in the box today? Yeah, you need that sucker. It helps concentrate the airflow directly onto the hair you’re working on, rather than blowing your strands all over the place. By focusing on cuticles, you hair will dry with a much smoother looking finish. Just look at the difference to bh’s Debs hair here

MISTAKE #5: You’re denying your hair of volume

A womans hair is her crowning glory, right? So why ruin it! Blowing and brushing your hair in a downward motion is the road to flat, lackluster results. The next time you blow dry, if you want to get some lift and volume (AKA the hair your have leaving the salon), use your hands to comb your roots up and blow dry. 

MISTAKE #6: You’re using the wrong hairbrush

There’s a reason brands make brushes in all different shapes and sizes, and it’s not just for the hell of it. Here’s the thing about using a metal brush when you blow dry: Metal overheats. And that, is really, really bad for your hair. Always keep a boar bristle brush on standby for blow drying – they’ll grip without overheating. 

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MISTAKE #7: You’re not sealing your style

After all that hard work, you’re just going to omit the final step and thus sacrifice your blow dry?! Finish what you started by taking an extra 30 seconds to seal in your style to prevent frizz, flyaways and fluffiness with finishing products. And remember: a little goes a looong way. You don’t need a lot to make a big difference. 

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Are you guilty of committing any of these mistakes?

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