Meet your blow-dry’s new best friend

Meet your blow-dry’s new best friend

Who else adores a good blow dry? Whether you’ve paid a visit to a blow dry bar or just got a little DIY with your own hair dryer, there’s nothing better than a fresh blowout when you’re feeling a little sluggish.  But if there’s anything that can rain on your blow dry hair, it’s those pesky little flyaways that just won’t go away.

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I know my own short baby hairs often stand up so straight post blow-dry that I look as though I’ve just stuck my finger in the socket and been electrocuted – needless to say it’s not a great look. So when John Frieda Full Repair™ Touch-up Flyaway Tamer landed on my desk looking like magic in a mascara wand, I just knew I was in for a long-term love affair. 

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What is your secret to silky sleek locks?

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