BlogStar entry: baldi-locks

BlogStar entry: baldi-locks

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I was amazed seeing pictures of Solagne Knowles, Beyonce’s little sister with shaved head. Reason: She wants to be free from the bondage that black women put on themselves with their hair. So true! We all put a tremendous pressure on ourselves to get perfect hair.  But hair is a part of our personalities and baldness contradicts all the social norms of beauty. Baldness is equated to ugliness for both sexes. But if we squint our socially conditioned eyes, baldness could be a fashion statement.

I thought Natalie Portman looked cute and hot with shaved head in ‘V For Vendetta’. With hair or not, Demi Moore looks gorgeous. While choking up on the movie “My Sister’s Keeper”, I had to applaud Cameron Diaz who sacrificed her lovely locks for the movie and still looked stunningly beautiful.
Women doing it for chemotherapy show us that they are brave enough to fight cancer and strong enough to not care about their hair. We all supported Kylie Minogue who defeated cancer and was briefly bald in the process. I have shed tears for “Samantha Jones” when she lost her hair in the battle. There are everyday women who choose to embrace their alopecia who are bald and bold.

In my opinion, shaving the hair off is a radical act of questioning the conventional world. A bald female definitely needs to be bold. It requires tremendous confidence to show off the facial features that the baldhead emphasizes. It definitely radiates power and the ‘don’t-give-a-damn’ attitude. It is their way of making a statement and defying the norms of the world.
I think it was the confidence factor that Britney Spears lacked, making her infamous shaving less than a beauty statement or a statement of any kind and more of a disaster.

Pretty or ugly, one thing is true, you should have the nerve to pull it off or you’ll have a passport to freaky town to live there for good! Oh well, may not be for good, its just hair and it will grow back and there are hair extensions to rescue.

In my short journey of life, I have stopped at the freaky town and gone bald by choice. As a teen, I wanted to make a statement and needed a change that would make me stand out. I felt liberated and carefree. I did manage to turn heads and some people said that it made my eyes pop. Mostly because they did not know what to say! Best of all, no bad hair days ever. Just pop your head in the shower and you’re done! Saves heaps of time and money on salon visits and products. When I grew back my hair, I had the most beautiful ringlet-like curls.
As much as I enjoyed my trip to the freaky town, I adore my locks too much to do it again. I love to take care of my hair, cut it, colour it, style it, even complain and obsess about it.

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