The Results Are In From Our ‘Biggest Ever Beauty Giveaway’ Trial Box

biggest ever beauty giveaway prizes

If you’re anything like us, a huge portion of your savings are going to beauty products. Is that wrong in the cost of living crisis? Maybe, but thankfully we’re giving YOU the chance to save some serious coin and be in the running to win your share of $12,500 dollars worth of beauty giveaway goodness.

Yep, you heard us right! Thousands of dollars worth of prizes are up for grabs in our Biggest Ever Beauty Giveaway. With the competition running from now until Saturday 17th August, you’re going to want to suss out a few of our member-rated goodies you’re going to go into the draw to win.

And, of course GO ENTER!

But first, it’s time to meet the must-have beauty buys that took centre stage in our Biggest Ever Beauty Giveaway Trial Boxes…

Biggest Ever Beauty Giveaway

Remington Sapphire Luxe Airstyler

remington air hair tool to be won in the beauty giveaway

We say: We bet you’ve seen a whole lot of air-styling tools lately (each one with a higher price tag than the last). Heck, you may even have one! But this affordable find is going to take over the game. Not only is it (as we said) seriously affordable, but its easy to swap, interchangeable heads make for a beginner-friendly blowout. The ceramic coating (a must for your hair) are literally infused with strand-smoothing sapphire. And with the powerful wattage behind these strand-styling tools, you’re about to be blown away by the results.

You say: “I was so impressed to find out this Remington Sapphire Luxe Airstyler has advanced ceramic coating and is coated with sapphire which makes it perfect for creating smooth results for a bouncy blowout! With 3 styling attachments it was easy to dry my hair and prep it for styling. A featured benefit I liked is that it’s 50mm ceramic coating mixed bristle brush adds root volume and fullness! I am so surprised with the price as it’s such a great and effective hair dryer/styler I would buy this as a gift for someone and I would purchase this Remington styler myself” – Bubblebee

Star Rating:

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$49 at The Good Guys

Dermal Therapy Very Dry Face Cleanser

dermal therapy cleanser to be won in the beauty giveaway

We say: Do you have a very dry face? Yep, it’s pretty common in the cooler months. Well you don’t need to go into hiding to try and save your skin barrier. Instead, pick up this hydrating cleanser with its four-in-one hydrating, soothing, protecting formula. With an ultra-nourishing mix of ceramides, hyaluronic acid and colloidal oatmeal, this cleanser will remind your skin of what a nourishing cleanser really feels like.

You say: “I have used some of Dermal Therapy’s other range of products so my expectations were high and I was not disappointed. I am very wary of what products I use on my face because I have rosacea. I carefully applied it as directed but only used it once daily in the evening. The results were pleasing as my skin did react but in a positive way. It is easy to apply and I only use a minimum amount. Since using my skin is soft and not irritated in any way. Surprising benefits that I can see when I look in the mirror. Also if you need extra incentive to give it a try it is manufactured by an Australian company.” – june

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$18.99 at Chemist Warehouse

Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch The Original 24s

hero pimple patches to be won in the beauty giveaway

We say: If you haven’t tried these game-changing pimple patches yet, we advise adding ’em to your cart, because it’s high time you did! Formulated with medical-grade hydrocolloid, the clear patches work to form a literally and invisible barrier over any pesky pimples. In as little as six to eight hours, they’ll have drawn out the gunk from deep inside your pimples, leaving behind a less offensive blemish. To sum up, where have these been all our lives?

You say: “At 51 years old I tend to get a lot of random hormonal pimples, and I had 3 pop up at the time this arrived. The Hero Mighty Patch is exactly that. They come on 2 sheets of plastic with 12 on each. I simply peeled one off at a time and placed them directly on the source of the pimples. I decided to leave them on overnight for maximum affect. Low and behold the next morning my pimples had gone from big red angry bumps to pretty much small red dots. I did notice that when you put them on the pimple, an almost skin coloured barrier appears over the worst part of the pimple. I assume this is the product going to work and pulling out all of the gunk from the pimple. These are so handy and so easy to use, I absolutely love them.” – Jenniqua

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$13 at Woolworths

Therabreath Icy Mint Oral Rinse

therabreath mouth wash to be won in the beauty giveaway

We say: Picture this: you’ve just woken up. You open your eyes and let out a huge yawn. Sounds like a pretty typical morning if you ask us. Except for the lingering smell of morning breath that’s just escaped from your mouth (ew). Well, your fears of foul breath can be put to rest with just a few minuets of rinsing your mouth with this oral wash. Designed to give you up to 24 hours of odour-busting protection, the (dentist-backed) formula gets to work immediately.

You say: “Brushing and flossing are great, but sometimes you need an extra boost of confidence. This dentist-formulated mouthwash left my mouth feeling clean and refreshed and it banished my bad breath for a full 24 hours. No more worrying about lingering lunch odors or morning breath! Loved the minty taste, glad it was alcohol-free so there was no burning sensation just a cool, blast of icy mint. So ditch the breath mints and experience the long-lasting freshness of TheraBreath Icy Mint Oral Rinse!” – HDEE

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$17.50 at Woolworths

Burt’s Bees Vanilla Bean Moisturising Lip Balm 

burts bees vanilla lip balm to be won in the beauty giveaway

We say: We know you probably have a whole line-up of lip balms in the bottom of your bag, but believe us when we say, this one’s a standout. The all-natural, ethically- sourced ethos of Burt’s Bees is second to only the enticing vanilla bean scent. Pucker up, because this one’s practically good enough to eat.

You say: “I love Burt’s Bees lip balms, have been using them for years and keep going back to them. I loved the Burt’s Bees Vanilla Bean Moisturising Lip Balm a lot, it is 100% natural and contains a lot of different oils and beeswax along with vanilla extract and scent which makes it smell so yummy. I use this as my night time or at home lip balm as during the day, I prefer to use a tinted lip balm. This little tube lasts a very long time as only a little bit is needed. It keeps my lips moisturised all night even in winters. The format is similar to a Chapstick so its easy to use and carry in the wallet. I highly recommend this lip balm.” – neha.gamine

Star Rating:

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$5.99 at Amazon Australia

Toni & Guy Colour Radiance Pro Shampoo

toni & guy shampoo to be won in the beauty giveaway

We say: This science-backed shampoo is here to give your coloured tresses some much-appreciated peace of mind. Backed with extensive research, the sulphate-free formula ensures your colour not only remains put, but it also works to enhance its vibrancy. No more tossing up between thoroughly washed strands and fresh tone, because this shampoo has officially come to your rescue.

You say: “Toni & Guy Colour Radiance Pro Shampoo is a luxury hair product especially the smell as it reminds me of the high grade salon products. As I pour out the iridescence gel, in my opinion it has the perfect consistency and texture. It foams and lather very well as it cleanses my hair without stripping away colour. Not only does it preserve my hair colour like no other, but it also leaves my hair feeling nourished, healthy, and radiantly beautiful. If you’re someone who values both the health and vibrancy of your hair colour, I highly recommend giving this shampoo a try.” – Joey502

Star Rating:

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Toni & Guy Colour Radiance Pro Conditioner

toni & guy conditoner to be won in the beauty giveaway

We say: Much like its cleansing shampoo counterpart, this conditioner has been designed with science at its forefront. The luxuriously indulgent formula has been created with seriously nourishing argan oil and backed by Toni & Guy’s very own anti-tangle complex. This means that not only are your strands going to be beyond shiny, but detangling them will be easier than ever.

You say: “Toni and Guy Radiance Pro Conditioner goes beyond softening and detangling; It’s designed to nourish and protect your hair colour while leaving it silky smooth. The formula is in rich with ingredients specifically chosen to enhance and prolong the vibrancy of coloured treated hair. It is easy to apply. The conditioner glides on effortlessly through the strands instantly adding that extra boost of hydration and making my hair feel silky smooth. After using this conditioner, my colour treated hair felt noticeably softer and wasn’t frizzy. It locked in the moisture without weighing down my locks which is essential for maintaining volume and bounce.” – Sparkle77

Star Rating:

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The Booty Co Collagen Booty Mask

win the booty co mask in the beauty giveaway

We say: Yep, it’s a pretty pink clay mask designed specifically for your derrière. Because who doesn’t want their booties undeniably soft and smooth? And we don’t know about you, but our rear ends are prone to the occasional breakout, so why not treat ’em like the rest of our skin and give them a good masking moment? With skin-loving ingredients such as pomegranate (a fantastic firming agent) and nourishing vitamin E, your booty won’t know what hit it.

You say: “I was lucky enough to try out the Booty Co Collagen Booty Mask. This is my first time using a booty mask and I was unsure about the product. In saying that the scent of the product is amazing and it is free from PEGs, Sulphates, Paraben, Formaldehyde and Mineral Oil. Following the instructions, after cleansing, I applied a good amount of the product on my booty and let it do its magic for 20 minutes then rinse and moisturise. And I must admit that this product works. My skin feels smooth, hydrated and nourished which is what I needed during winter. I have been using the Booty Mask once a week and my skin has never been better and of course the scent is so good. Totally obsessed with this booty mask now.” – HelenT

Star Rating:

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$49.99 at Priceline

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