Home hair dye 101: The best way to dye hair at home

Home hair dye 101: The best way to dye hair at home

Dyeing your hair at home can be hard. From missed patches of hair to a messy bathroom and stained forehead, it’s tough work. But, it is a whole lot quicker (and cheaper) than heading to the salon. So we chatted with Bronwyn Fraser, National Education and Training Manager for the Consumer Products Division at L’Oreal, to find out how we can to make the at-home hair dye process a smoother one.

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Here’s everything you need to know about dyeing your hair at home – so you can avoid any major hair colour mistakes


Preparation is key when dyeing your hair at home. Once the gloves are on and the dye is in hand, things can start to get hectic, so it’s vital that you gather up everything you need beforehand and keep it all within arms reach. “Keep a couple of old towels on hand to use each time you colour as it can stain/bleach towels,” Fraser suggests. “Wear an old/pre-loved T-Shirt or button-up shirt just in case and ensure you have all the components necessary such as gloves, instruction leaflet, comb, clips, water spray etc on hand before you start applying.”

Every home hair dye box will explain it, but it is important that you carve out some time to undertake a sensitivity test before using the dye. Check the leaflet for specifics on the sensitivity test.


This is the part of the dyeing process that’s make or break. Fraser says, “a good guide is to select a shade that is within two shades lighter or two shades darker than your natural shade, as this will harmonise with your natural skin and eye colour.”

If you’re dyeing your hair to cover greys, Fraser suggests you pick a permanent colour as it will give you the most long-lasting grey coverage. However, she does say that colour will need to be reapplied after about four to six weeks when the new growth is visible.

Permanent colour is also the way to go if you’re wanting a much lighter or brighter shade. In fact, Fraser explains that it’s the only option to achieve it.

If you’re looking for permanent colour, beautyheaven loves Garnier Color Sensation hair colour, THE SHADE Colour Kit, Garnier Olia and Schwarzkopf Brilliance Intense Permanent Hair Colour.

You should use a long-lasting semi-permanent or semi-permanent dye if you are looking to blend first greys or to add some colour and shine. This type of dye will achieve these looks and gradually fade with each wash.

For a semi-permanent hair colour, beautyheaven loves L’Oréal Paris Casting Crème Gloss and Clairol Colour Crave Semi-Permanent Hair Colour.

And, probably the most important rule of all, if you have long or thick hair please, “ensure you have enough product…longer hair may need two packs to ensure you have plenty of product to cover the hair and achieve an even all-over colour result.”


Is there a surefire way to apply your hair dye so you nail it each and every time? Not exactly. “The technique varies from product to product so always be guided by the manufacturers’ Instructions,” says Fraser. “The method also differs depending on whether you are a first time user, or reapplying the same colour to new growth, and this is explained in each Instruction Leaflet.” So in other words, don’t go rogue, beauties!


A stained forehead… It happens, er, to the best of us. But it is possible to avoid. “A little barrier cream or Vaseline applied around the hairline, particularly with very dark or bright shades is a good idea to prevent staining, just be careful not to get any on the hair as it will prevent the colour from taking,” Fraser says.

And if you find yourself in a real disaster-style situation, take solace in the fact that hair colour remover can help, able to strip stubborn permanent, semi-permanent and temporary hair colours without bleach.

beautyheaven loves: Vaseline Petroleum JellyQV Cream and Colourless Max Effect

If you’ve tried your hand at dyeing your hair at home and it hasn’t exactly gone to plan (as in, your locks are looking either way too light or way too dark), “there are many ways you can fix this” Fraser says. “Too light may need the application of another deeper shade. If it’s too dark, we recommend a few repeated shampoos with a deep cleansing or medicated-type shampoo to help speed the colour fade.” Some companies even have numbers you can call to offer advice on this exact problem, so always check the back of the box if you’re in strife!

Do you dye your hair at home? What are some of your best at-home hair dyeing tips?

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  1. I recently just got a brush like they have in salons and it helps so much especially because I am a blond and my regrowth is just a little darker. I love doing my hair at home and if there is a slip up patience is the key ! you don’t want to kill your hair.

  2. There are a million reasons to get your hair colour done at home.
    1. You save money
    2. You do it your way
    3. You could share and swap matching colours with friends and family and get the best blended hair dye
    4. You get the hang of dying your own hair
    5. You don’t depend on anyone else to do your hair any more
    6. You could potentially help family and friends do their hair dye at home too
    7. Save a trip to the hairdresser, waiting time and hassle and bustle of making an appointment
    8. Do everything from the comfort of your own bedroom
    9. Teach your friends how it is done effectively at home
    10.You get to buy many more colours with the savings you have made.
    This is just the tip of the iceberg, the list goes on.
    For some hair colour ideas visit https://megagrocery.com.au/index.php?route=product/category&path=20_26 or https://megagrocery.com.au for many more makeup and skincare ideas. Good luck to you all.

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