8 Of The Best Thickening Shampoos For Full-Bodied Roots


Curly, straight, wavy, thick, layered or shaggy; there are a zillion flattering ways we can describe our hair, but unfortunately, ‘thin’ is never going to be one of them. Lucky for us, there are some great volume-boosting and hair growth-stimulating shampoo formulas available, that will not only keep hair clean, but help it to look and feel thicker, fuller and thriving. 

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To ensure you are only spending your money on formulas that work, these are the best thickening shampoos for super fine and flat hair. 

Image credit: @chadwoodhair
Image credit: @chadwoodhair

L’Oreal Paris Elvive Fibralogy Thickening Shampoo

We say: Labelled by our members as their “secret weapon”, L’Oréal’s thickening technology will leave your hair fuller after just one wash. Formulated with the volumising agent filloxane, this formula penetrates the hair shaft, adding bulk to individual hair strands from the inside out.

You say: “This is my secret weapon. My sister and I have the same type of hair, thin and flat. As we are aging it’s even thinner and noticeably thinning where the hair parts. I have been using the Fibralogy Thickening shampoo along with the conditioner for over a year and after the first three months my sister thought I had been using an expensive follicle stimulation product and didn’t believe it was a L’oreal shampoo!” – whatsHOT

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Kiehl’s Ultimate Thickening Shampoo

We say: This multi-protein formula paired with omega-6 essential fatty acids helps to reinforce the hair at the root for noticeably denser strands. Paired with cedarwood bark oil, Kiehl’s thickening formula is gentle enough for daily use as it keeps the scalp skin soothed and leaves the hair glossy.

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Aveda Pure Abundance Volumising Shampoo

We say: Build body and volume and leave hair, as the name reads, in abundance. Formulated with their signature ‘pure-fume’ aroma blend, enjoy a revitalising mix of jasmine, organic peppermint and ylang ylang while you wash, too.

You say: “My self esteem has soared due to knowing that this product does the job very time. Aveda has such beautiful organic products and i have not been disappointed thus far.”- lshd

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GROW Thicker Fuller Shampoo

We say: For fine, limp and damaged hair, GROW’s strengthening and volume-increasing formula adds substance to flat locks. This Aussie-made, 90 per cent natural shampoo has been crafted with high-quality wheat proteins and is safe for regular use on colour-treated hair.

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Hask Biotin Thickening Shampoo

We say: Prevent hair from thinning and add a visible oomph. Hask’s hydrating and quick-acting formula rids the scalp of dead skin and will help to transform fine locks into a full mane.

You say: “A blend of biotin , collagen and coffee tri-level thickening complex that makes hairs perfectly plump without being heavy …” – Abeera farooq

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Aramis Protein Rich Thickening Shampoo

We say: One for the men. Add texture and give body to thin hair; this thickening formula keeps the hair abundant in its natural oils and adds instant volume. And because it’s from the same Aramis that delivers us designer perfumes, you can guarantee this shampoo smells amazing. 

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Schwarzkopf Extra Care Push Up Volume Shampoo

We say: This lightweight formula injects root-lifting collagen to each strand of hair without weighing it down. A silicone-free formula for long-lasting volume, there’s a reason this supermarket favourite has an impressive 4-star rating.

You say: “The shampoo is designed for fine hair that needs a boost and volume. Post washing it gives my fine hair incredible volume yet it’s not heavy. The volume lasts for days too and my scalp remains non irritated and fresh too. There is definitely a collagen boost.” – ray_jay

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ELEVEN Australia I Want Body Volume Shampoo

We say: Moisturise, condition, protect and boost volume. This do-it-all lightweight formula contains hydrolysed wheat proteins to protect against colour-fade and UV rays while keeping thin, oily roots full and hydrated. 

You say: “It gave my hair a nice soft lift which helped to keep my beach waves in place all day. It also has a wonderful scent which I received a few compliments for. I will definitely be going back to this product when I’m looking for some more volume! It’s a winner!” Katsuss

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Main image credit: @chadwoodhair Do you use a thickening shampoo? Which is your favourite?

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  1. So many great Products for Thickening your hair at the moment because I have been very sick these past few months I have a lot of hair fall, but it still seems to grow.
    Hopefully these products might help.

  2. My fur is too long and heavy so it flattens on the top when mid parted (inevitable). Do love trying new haircare all the time , not to "thicken", just to wash and have shiny 'n soft fur

  3. Since moving to Queensland I have found the quality of the water terrible. My very fine silky hair has turned to straw quality almost. Something that thickens would just turn my hair into a haystack here. Can't wait to go visit NSW just to wash my hair.

  4. I have been using the Tresemme Pro Collection Thick & Full Shampoo with Collagen & Glycerol. I have been relatively happy with it, considering it is a supermarket shampoo. It has a gel texture so you have to shake the bottle hard to make it come out. It has a rather pleasant fragrance, not too overpowering and I do find my hair seems fuller on the day it is washed but the next day it is back to being flat.

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