Best mens products on the market

Best mens products on the market

If you’ve ever assumed that all guys aren’t interested in self care, you’d be dead wrong – a lot of guys, even the most low maintenance lads, enjoy looking their best. And looking good can often be down to a little help from good grooming products.

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Whether it’s a slick of hair gel or a go-to face or body wash, guys use a lot more beauty products than we often realise. And just like us beauty fanatics, they’ve got a lot of thoughts about what works, what doesn’t and the products they’ll always rely on.

So we decided to hand the mic to a few of the men of beautyheaven staff to find out the skin, hair and body products they rate. Bookmark it for the man in your life!

The man: bh’s Stephanie’s boyfriend, Samuel

Sukin Oil Balancing Pore Refining Facial Scrub – “This scrub is great for his dry skin which needs regular exfoliation to keep it looking smooth and clear – plus the purifying ingredients are good at preventing any odd spots.”

Natio For Men SPF 30+ Face Moisturiser – “The only way I could get him to wear SPF is if it was added into a moisturiser! He likes this because it keeps his skin soft while adding hydration and nourishment to his dry complexion.”

Hanz De Fuko Sponge Wax, $27, – “This is his holy grail beauty product! He likes this because it’s good on his curls and keeps his hair in place without making his strands stiff or greasy.”

The man: bh’s Tamara’s husband, Peter

Urbane Mess Styling Fibre – “Because it smells good, holds his style well and doesn’t leave his hair greasy and sticky.”

Manicare Nail Clippers With Nail File – “These are such a classic product, they are inexpensive and are super easy to use.”

Dermaveen Extra Gentle Soap Free Wash – “This comes with a pump so it is super easy to use in the shower, and a great product for the whole family.”

The man: bh’s Kate’s boyfriend, Ash

House 99 by David Beckham Get Groomed Purifying Beard Scrub, $21.99, – “As any guy with a beard knows, they can get all sorts of rank if you don’t look after them properly. I turned Ash on to this beard scrub and he’s never looked back. He uses it every morning in the shower to prevent beardruff (an actual thing, seriously).”

House 99 by David Beckham Purefectly Clean Face Wash, $19.99, – “Ash sometimes get the odd blemish, which he really hates, largely due to having clogged pores. This face wash gets rid of any impurities and leaves his skin feeling cool and refreshed.”

Keune 1922 by J.M. Keune Beard Oil, $39.50, in salons only – “He is obsessed with this beard oil! It’s honestly the nicest-smelling beard oil ever and it makes his beard look significantly shinier and neater. I like it too because I reckon it’s a sneaky dupe for my favourite Le Labo Santal 33 fragrance.”

The man: bh’s Jamie’s boyfriend, Tristan

Bondi Sands Men’s Everyday Gradual Tanning Foam – “Even though Jamie did buy me this product as a laugh, I have been using it to even out my sock and t-shirt/singlet tan that most tradies fall victim to, so I don’t look so ridiculous dressing up for a night out or when I go to the beach. It doesn’t smell as strong as other tanning products so there’s no giveaway that I use it!”

KLIM by Michael Klim Face Wash, $12.95, – “Being around building sites and factories all day can be super harsh on my skin and my face ends up being very dirty by the end of a working day. I find the KLIM Face Wash removes all the dirt and gives my face a super deep cleanse.”

KLIM by Michael Klim Face Moisturiser + Sunscreen, $19.95, – “I love the face moisturiser as it gives my skin the extra moisture it needs while also protecting my face from the sun all day.”

What products are loved by the men in your life?

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