7 Beauty And Health Products You Didn’t Know You Needed


There’s nothing we love more at beautyheaven than discovering a new brand and doing our bit to support small (and all) businesses.

Here are some products we’ve recently discovered (and thought you should know about too!). 

St. Ives Naturally Indulgent Body Lotion featuring Coconut Milk & Orchid Extract

As you close your eyes, the aroma of exotic coconut and fresh orchid will transport you to a tropical island right from the four walls of your shower. And did we mention that it rejuvenates dry skin and leaves you looking radiant? 

“I use this product most days mainly on my arms and legs after showering, its my go to moisturiser for everyday. The scent is tropical and floral but not too coconutty! The formula is light and absorbs easily so you can dress easily after application.” – popsicle

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Toppik Hair Perfecting Duo

With the patented Spray Applicator and Hairline Optimiser, you can cover roots, blend extensions, create the appearance of dense growth in thinning areas and create a natural hairline. *Professionals and a high-priced bill are not necessary.*

“The Toppik range of products has given me confidence to wear my hair out without the worry that through my black hair someone is going to see white patches when the wind blows.” – Zaki

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$41.90 at Matt Blatt

Provoke Touch of Silver Purple Toning Dry Shampoo

Why wait until your next hair appointment? Whenever and wherever you need a boost, instantly brighten and refresh your blonde hair by removing yellow and orange brassy tones with this genius dry shampoo.

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$9.99, currently $4.99 at Priceline

Urbane Mess Adjustable Multi-Purpose Trimmer

If you are (or know) a newbie to facial hair trimming, this fail-safe razor from Urbane Mess has been designed with steel blades for smooth skin contact. 

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$36.75 at Woolworths

GROW Longer Stronger Stimulating Scalp Scrub

When it comes to keeping our hair fresh and healthy, scalp scrubs are just as important as a quality shampoo. By using this natural sea salt and peppermint oil in your haircare routine, your scalp will be free of product buildup and grow stronger and healthier than ever before.

“My scalp definitely felt much cleaner and lighter than before. It didn’t leave my scalp feeling tight or dry and it’s a great way to cleanse your scalp. It’s a great product to use once or twice a week” – Miss19

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$17 at Woolworths

Lovekins SOS Rescue Cream

From insect bites to minor burns, this gentle multipurpose cream has been designed to assist with dry, irritated or damaged skin caused by external aggressors in everyday life. 

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$48.95 at Myer

Handsome Natural Deodorant 

Smell fresh and clean without the hassle of synthetics or aluminium blocking your pores. With odour-fighting natural ingredients such as coconut and jojoba oil, enjoy sweat protection while nourishing the delicate underarm area.

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$19.95 at Priceline

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  1. I’ve been seeing a lot of ads for Yours Only® COAT Body Moisturiser for psoriasis ! and I suffer from Scalp Psoriasis. So I very much have my eye on their Cleanser which can be used as a shampoo! and the bonus point too is it’s curly hair friendly product too!

  2. Would really like to try VS Sassoon Steam Straight Brilliance looks good and I bet it would do a great job of straightening my hair. 🙂

    Also I lot of great products as well Aveeno Active Naturals Brightening Skin Scrub, Mason Pearson Comb Rake.

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