Best in Beauty 2014 – how the voting works


• Product submissions will be voted on by beautyheaven members* over a two-week period using a star rating system and a secret voting ballot.
• Winners will be determined based on the number of star ratings the product receives, as well as how many bonus points it receives through the secret ballot.
• If products in one category have an equal number of votes, the overall star rating within the voting period will determine the winner. If the overall star rating is equal, then the winner will determined by the number of eligible reviews within the voting period.
• Product winners will be announced on

Please Note: Product winners in each category are required to provide 25 of the winning product for voter gift bags and marketing purposes.
Deadline for winning product to be sent to beautyheaven offices: Friday November 7 2014.

* ‘Beauty Lover’ votes will not be considered valid and PRs are not entitled to vote – any PR suspected of voting will have their submission disqualified (we’re getting tough!)

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