The best at home hair dyes for blondes

The best at home hair dyes for blondes

Battling the internal dilemma of ‘I don’t need to worry about my hair, no one is going to see me’ versus “I need to fix this regrowth RIGHT NOW before it spiral even further out of control’?

Yes? Well, so are we.

To make the entire process slightly less intimidating, we’ve listed the best at home hair dyes for blondes – in case you decide to take the leap.

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Not to cause any panic, but you might want to snap up a few of these products soon because they are flying off the shelves.

So if you’re not already, pop into some old clothes, get the gloves on and please Lord, just follow the instructions!

L’Oréal Paris Excellence Crème

L’Oréal Paris Excellence Crème includes a triple care colour ritual: colouring cream,  gentle post-colour shampoo and a lightweight mask. The product spruiks 100 per cent grey coverage from root to tip, which is no small feat when aiming for a flawless blonde blend. 


Clairol Nice’n Easy Frost & Tip

If you want something that’s reminiscent of salon highlights, reach for Clairol‘s Frost & Tip. The kit contains highlighting powder, developing crème, intensive conditioner, as well as a highlighting spatula, hook and mixing tray. It’s serious business.

Schwarzkopf Live Colour in ‘Champagne’

Suitable for all shades of blonde, Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour in ‘Champagne’ is a semi-permanent mask that will add shine and rose gold highlights. Lasting up to eight washes, this formula has no peroxide or ammonia, and is enriched with B5 and macadamia nut oil, so it’s more of a nourishing treatment and colour boost in one.

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour is best for those who find dye hard to handle. The non-drip formula makes it easy to spread and cover every strand of hair, so you are guaranteed a salon quality result. It’s a great one for those tackling colouring solo, as you don’t need any tools or help from others. 


Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde T1 Icy Platinum Refresher Mousse

For those just after a quick and easy colour refresher,  Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde T1 Icy Platinum Refresher Mousse will neutralise unwanted brassy yellow tones, and provide a silvery sheen. The gentle formula will last up to four aplications, so you can dose up weekly if needed.


Garnier Nutrisse

For those dealing with dry hair, consider Garnier Nutrisse. The formula is enriched with avocado, olive and shea oils to protect and hydrate as it colours. The non-drip creme has a fresh fragrance and it’s super easy to work through the hair. Perfect for a first-timer!

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  1. I colour my hair as needed to cover my grey hairs. I use L’Oréal Castings, which is a semi permanent colour. I’ve been using it for years and always been happy with it. I use light brown, which is close to my natural colour.

  2. I get my hair coloured at the hairdressers, my hair will look horrendous by the time hairdressers open and I have time to get to one. All the hairdressers in my local area have closed.

  3. I do just some highlights strategically hand painted (depending how I part my hair, where I used to get lighter parts usually when I used to sun worship…eek)) for "sun kissed look". Always at home, as I get least to none damage vs at the salon. Scw. Omegaplex my fave. Before was Loreal casting.

  4. I’ve been dying my hair for years. I keep thinking I should be lighter so while I’m working from home I’m not colouring (root spray if I go out). Once this is all over maybe I will get my hair cut much shorter and go blonde (although I don’t think too light will suit me).

  5. My son just dyed his hair icy blond from his Sydney lockdown. Not a great look imho but according to my other son, we’re all of us just one week away from a poor hair dye job. In the meantime, I’m embracing my greys.

  6. Some of these would be great to dye hair. My daughter has used a couple of these hair dyes, she has honey blonde hair and likes to change to a different shade of blonde occasionally.

  7. I've never done a home colour. It's now been 8 weeks since my last salon colour and my hair's going quite well. The grey roots are blending in with the blonde sections but how long I can get away with it remains to be seen.

  8. I don't dye my hair but one thing my sister learnt is that since she has golden undertones, she cannot opt for golden hair dyes unless she wants a strong orange look. She has learnt that she should only choose ash colours.

  9. I am too scared to try a box hair dye… the thought of going orange just wouldn't work well for me. But I did try the Nordic Blonde toner and it actually has worked really well on my hair and it comes with A LOT less risk. And great price of $13 for a bottle which will likely last me months.

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