These Are The Best Hairstyles For Rocking Visible Regrowth

These Are The Best Hairstyles For Rocking Visible Regrowth

The last couple of years have given us a serious lesson in how to maintain our hair colour at home. With hairdressers on hiatus for a while, we turned to every supermarket hair dye recommendation and home root-touch up tutorial known to man. 

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However, as we eased into what was the ‘new normal’, we did start to embrace the ‘quarantine chic’ look; finding the ultimate balance between polished-to-perfection and total-slob that hasn’t left the house in a decade.

As a result, visible regrowth is undergoing a re-brand. What was once seen as unkept style or hair appointment that was well overdue, is now oozing a sense of relaxed cool. Because let’s face it, looking immaculately groomed just isn’t always achievable, so why not make the most of what we’ve got?

Wispy Top Knot

You know that effortless look… the one where you pull all your hair up on the crown of the head to keep it out of your eyes? Yes, that one.

With a few wispy pieces falling down the front and side of the head, this is the cutest (and easiest) lived-in look for your roots.


Sleek Middle Part

Think low-bun or low-pony, but either way make it sleek and chic.

Use your middle part as a statement line down the centre of your head, and don’t be shy with the product and gel to really tame those fly aways. 


The ‘Organised Chaos’ Look

Create texturised pieces for a fresh just-out-of-bed, windswept look as you flick hair into different directions.

This is great one for shorter hair, dry shampoo and A LOT of tousling.


Face-Framing Tendrils

Rock this 90’s look by pulling the hair back into a tight high bun, leaving two tendrils out in front of the face.

Your roots will add incredible depth and dimension to this throwback style.


Deep Side Part

Flip your hair over to one side and rock the deep, side part.

It’s a chic statement look that looks great no matter how much regrowth you have.

Blow Out With Hair Clips

Use some cute clips to accentuate your middle part line, but this time keeping the hair nicely blown out.

This style makes your roots the star of the show, as though they’re meant to be there. Clever.


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Are you embracing your roots? What are your go-to hairstyles?

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