Your hair weather forecast

Your hair weather forecast

Hair can be so unpredictable. Frizzy one minute and full of static the next, it’s got a mind of its own. For those of us with notoriously ‘hit and miss’ hair, you’ll understand me when I say we’re slaves to the morning weather report. Ignore it, and you may end up paying the price.

And since we all know the perils of stepping out before checking the conditions, here are some simple solutions to ward off bad hair days (or keep them to a minimum, at least).


Prepare to press snooze for another 30 minutes, because putting any effort into your mane today is futile. Retire the tools; it’s all about carefree, natural strands.

Must-have products: If your instinct is to pile on the product, try to resist it. We recommend nothing more than a simple serum like the Kérastase Cristalliste Cristal Sculpt Dual Gloss Serum or bhave™ Riot Control Serum for pure manageability. (Because where does wet hair go when it dries? Frizz-nation).

Any other advice? Whatever you do, don’t take a brush to your hair, because brushing wet hair is one of the number one causes of damage. If you’ve left the house sans umbrella, you’re bound to end up with a few tangles (thanks, raindrops). Just use your fingers to brush out some of the matted knots – and then leave your locks be.

The mane solution: Since it’s rainy anyway, why not go all out and embrace the wet look? Slick it back and rock it hard, because wet-look hair is bang on-trend (and, all it takes it five quick steps).


Humidity and hair don’t mix well, so when it’s a sticky 29 degrees, you can almost guarantee there’ll be frizz.

Must-have products: Prevention is key, so jump in the shower with a product that promises to target wayward-prone strands. Sud up with L’Oréal Paris Elvive Smooth-Intense Anti-Frizz Shampoo and John Frieda FRIZZ-EASE® Hydrating Conditioner. Today’s forecast? Totally controllable hair.

Any other advice? There are plenty of products out there that are made to combat humidity. If you’re overwhelmed by just how many there are, don’t stress – we recently featured six of the best frizz-fighters. That ought to narrow it down for you.

The mane solution: Ladies, it’s a no-brainer: braid your hair. Open up the how-to braid manual and plait away! Laters, frizz.


Sweating in the early AM is a telltale sign that the day is going to be a scorcher. If walking from the bedroom to the kitchen makes you want to press a cool towel to your forehead, your best chance at survival is to head to the beach.

Must-have products: Hot days call for swims, so beach hair is inevitable. Pack a sea salt spray into your beach bag and spritz your strands after swimming to enhance their natural texture and keep the beachy vibe going all day (and night) long. John Frieda Beach Blonde Ocean Waves Sea-Salt Spray is non-drying and ideal after a dip, and ELEVEN Australia Sea Salt Texture Spray adds salty volume to wet or dry locks.

Any other advice? If you’re spending the day outside, can you pretty please pack some sun protection for your hair? Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil protects locks for 16 hours, helps with detangling and (most importantly) smells like coconuts.

The mane solution: Sweep your hair up in a ‘do like this one, or any of these five. Ah, how nice is that breeze?


Unless you like the taste of your own hair, keep an elastic on hand to tie up your locks when the winds start whipping.

Must-have products: You’re going to need snagless hair ties, like the Scunci Grooming Clear Polybands or Lady Jayne Snagless Hair Elastics. They’ll have your back through the worst of wind tunnels.

Any other advice? It’s probably not the best idea to get your hair done on a blowy day, because it’s just going to get messed up the moment you leave the salon. Instead, embrace the wind. Bedhead hair is so in right now, so why not let nature take its course?

The mane solution: Pop on Gliders Flex Headband or slide in some Freestyle Home Salon Bobby Pins to control those shorter pieces that will be the most bothersome when the wind picks up.


It’s cold and dreary outside, and to make matters worse, there’s static – in your hair! Out of control, sky-high strands and all that zapping are the ugly truths of cooler climates.

Must-have products: Lather it on, baby! Cold weather hair static is caused by a lack of moisture, so compensate and weigh the strands down with a styling cream. Then, fight back with a dose of TIGI BED HEAD Masterpiece Hairspray.

Any other advice? Brushing static-y hair is a big no no, right? Wrong! VS Sassoon has listened to our winter wishes and delivered a collection of anti-static hair brushes for these dire moments.

The mane solution: If you’ve prepped properly, go ahead and style away. Wear it out for extra warmth – your ears will thank you for it!

What climate do you struggle with most when styling your hair? Have any of these tips been useful?

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