The party girl’s guide to festive tresses

The party girl’s guide to festive tresses

It’s officially party season, which means I’ll be scurrying about Sydney on any given night complete with party make-up and my hair cascading down my back in what I HOPE is a sexy mermaid-ish type of way. In all honesty, I often don’t have the time for the maintenance required for such a long blonde ‘do, therefore I rely on the following products to keep me looking as fab as I deserve…

The Colour: DIY Blonde

It takes many, many hours for a hairdresser to manage/colour/tame my locks and in the funny words of YouTube sensation Sweet, Sweet Brown, ‘Ain’t nobody got time fo dat.’ Well I don’t anyway. I have far better things to do on a Saturday like you know, give the old finger a workout on Tinder with Sex and The City repeats on in the background. The easy solution for this sheer laziness is DYI, which saves me a hell of a lot of time AND money. #winning.

Once a month I pat John Frieda Precision Foam Colourinto my roots all over my head, followed by a few packets (hey, I gotta lot of hair) of the silver toner by Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour. I find that these two particular products don’t dry my hair and leave a really beautiful, natural result. Result being a very modest blonde bombshell #justsayin.


Ok so you know how Dry Shampoois awesome? And have you tried texturising dust (I love this one by Fudge)? Yep, so you know it’s also awesome. So imagine a product that is basically all of the above in ONE SINGLE CYLINDER OF AWESOMENESS. Well, that’s what you have with the Label.m Texturising Volume Spray. My holy grail of ‘beach to bar’ hair styling, this product makes tousled tresses super simple with it’s non-sticky, malleable formula. I simply spritz it into my roots and it immediately gives my locks this edgy, voluminous look.  You know those ‘I’m a model and I have fab hair and this is how I woke up. Duh!’ locks? That’s the hair that I get using this secret weapon so I’m obvy obsessed.

The Health: No More sad tresses and not-so-hot roots

Curling, straightening, blow drying, dying, and crimping. My locks take an absolute beating with all the styling stresses I place on my tresses each night. PLUS the added strain of so much sun beating down on them while I frolick in the surf thinking I look like a graceful swan. My saving grace is using a hearty dollop of Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Maskon myhair twice a week and sleeping in it occasionally so it really penetrates the follicles and unleashes hydration. I also apply a cheaper mask (I LOVE the Garnier Fructis Nutri-Repair 5-min Ultra Nourishing Butter Mask– it smells yummy and is super nourishing) all over my strands before heading to the beach as it hydrates and protects my hair from getting all stiff and gross. I ALWAYS brush the masks through my hair with the Lady Jayne Tanglezeas it’s the only brush I’ve ever used which doesn’t pull hairs out and is therefore the best thing ever. I used to think I was going bald when I brushed, not anymore thanks to this bad boy.

So there’s my go-to hair products for party season. What are yours?

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