The best type of fringe for your face shape

The best type of fringe for your face shape

A new year marks change, and nothing busts you out of a rut quite like a mane makeover in the form of a fringe. While you sit and marvel at Zooey Deschanel’s blunt bangs or Alexa Chung’s It girl style, you might find that certain types of fringes don’t suit you, AT ALL.

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To ensure you kick off 2019 in the best way, it’s important to choose a style that will flatter your features. Here’s how to pick the best type of fringe for your face shape.

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If you have a round face shape…

The general rule of thumb for those with a rounder face shape: steer clear of straight or blunt cuts, as they’ll only accentuate the fullness of your face. Side-sweeping styles are far more flattering. Ginnifer’s piecey fringe creates the illusion of height and gives definition to her face, elongating it instead of widening it. 

If you have an oval face shape…

Due to the symmetrical nature of your facial features, most fringes will suit you. The ‘curtain’ (also dubbed ‘Bardot bangs’) are a modern take on the fringe, and a great option for ovals as the style looks super chic, but requires minimal effort. Jackpot! 

If you have a square face shape…

A square face can be tricky to style with a fringe. Any style that is too straight-across will only emphasise the same angles in the jawline, which is exactly what you’re trying to soften (along with accentuating your peepers). Consider a long wispy fringe that falls over the forehead and towards the cheekbones or opt for a deep side sweeping one. Both will create the illusion of softness around a prominent jaw. 

If you have a heart face shape…

Perhaps the most famous heart-shaped face with a fringe, there’s a sexiness and flirtiness about Reese Witherspoon’s bangs that every woman loves, but Jennifer Lawrence’s update on the wispy fringe should be your go-to for 2017. Ask your stylist to cut your hair to your brows and then blend it in with wispy layers at the front. Keeping the fringe narrow will allow the cheekbones to remain noticed, without being so pronounced. 

If you have a long or rectangular face shape…

Longer face shapes are perhaps the best face shape for flaunting a fringe as they have the ability to get away with a thicker, fuller or more blunt style fringe. The thickness of the fringe helps give horizontal width to long face shapes, whereas a thin, wispy fringe will only accentuate the forehead. 

So, are you thinking of getting the chop in 2019? 

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