6 products to make his life even easier

6 products to make his life even easier

When it comes to grooming, is your dad, brother or husband a bit of a space cadet? Maybe he’s just a little lazy? Or maybe, just maybe, he needs a little bit of a push in the right direction.

Now I’m not being naïve, I know that getting my own boyfriend to brush his teeth at night alone can be a struggle, so what help will pushing new products in his face be? My trick is finding products clever enough to allow him to cut down his grooming time and get him looking after himself in a way that’s fun and totally easy. Because for a bloke, what other way is there?

Here are six of the best man-friendly grooming products for him to try:

muk Haircare Hard muk Styling Mud

This easy-to-use mud provides mattfying texture and a low-sheen finish to all hair types. Whether your man has long hair, short hair or hair that has a mind of its own, this clay-like stuff is humidity resistant, water soluble, and designed not to flake. Winning on all fronts.

NIVEA Men Skin Energy Double Action Balm

If the guy in your life complains of uncomfortable shaving or tends to look fatigued most of the time, odds are his skin is in need of a bit of a lift – and some protection, too. This double action balm helps to soothe skin that’s irritated as a result of shaving and re-energise tired skin with Coenzyme Q10 and Creatine.

Wella SP Men Protect Shampoo

If your man is a little sensitive about hair thinning, a good strengthening shampoo might be what he needs. This newbie from Wella features a blend of ingredients that will help to strengthen his hair each time he shampoos, which helps him to make the most of what he’s got.

Natio For Men Smooth Shaving Gel

If shaving is a bit of a treacherous task for your fella, this shaving gel is perfect. Enriched with 100 per cent essential oils, not only is it nourishing for skin, but it also enhances razor glide and softens the hairs on his face, making them a perfect canvas for shaving!

VS Sassoon i-clip™ Automatic

If grooming facial hair is a tiresome task, it’s not made easier by tools that come complete with 10+ attachments. This automatic groomer can cater to all hair lengths and provide men with any hair type with the perfect facial hair style for them – quickly and easily.

Dove Face & Body Wash

Containing micro-moisture technology, this refreshing gel wash is suitable for him to use on his face and body. The pampering solution features a crisp, subtle scent and is the ultimate multi-use product for all men.

Which product would your man be most likely to use?

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