Dry shampoos for brunettes, reviewed

Dry shampoos for brunettes, reviewed

Ask any woman what’s the number one beauty product she can’t live without, and you can bet her answer will be dry shampoo. It’s the quiet achieving, miracle-working product that eliminates excess oil, leaves locks clean and revived, and delivers enhanced volume and boost every, single time.

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Women with every hair type and colour regularly (if not daily) apply it and swear by it, but it’s those with darker-coloured locks who can sometimes struggle with one aspect of using it – getting it to ‘disappear’ into your hair. And if you’re a frequent user, you’ll know what we’re talking about.  

So it’s a never-ending conundrum for us darker-locked ladies. Don’t use it and risk sporting greasy, flat strands; or use it and solve the oily hair issue, but submit to your hair becoming a slightly ‘granny shade’ of grey.  

Think you can’t have the best of both worlds? Think again!

Brunette dry shampoos solve everything for brunettes. They’re specifically created for brown and dark hair, enabling it to blend effortlessly into darker shades of hair, to cleanse in between washes with a totally invisible finish.  

Below we’ve rounded up some reviews of brunette dry shampoos from the beautyheaven team and members so you can select the best one for your own brown locks!

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle Tinted

“I have very fine, flat hair, and it really doesn’t help that I’m an OCD hair-toucher, so my hair gets oily quickly. In fact, it’s a real miracle if I get two days or more in between washes. Thanks to my ‘condition’, I’m no stranger to dry shampoo, which is a bit of a catch-22 for me because I dislike the grey tinge it often leaves in my hair. As soon as I used the Klorane Tinted Dry Shampoo though, I noticed a huge difference. The dry shampoo absorbed the oil, lightening my locks – but in a ‘just-washed’ and not ‘I’m-going-grey’ way – leaving them soft to touch and giving me some much-needed volume.” – beautyheaven’s Astrid.

“I really like the concept of tinted dry shampoos, as some can give you white cast which look strange if you have darker hair. This dry shampoo has a dark brown tint to it, which would blend in well to many hair shades on the brown spectrum. The colour fades once you brush through it, making it easy to blend. In terms of the actual product, it’s not the best nor the worst dry shampoo I’ve tried. It does soak up all the excess oil around my roots, but it weighs my hair down quite a bit which bothers me. It might work better if you have thicker hair.” – beautyheaven member Beccaduncan23

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Batiste Dry Shampoo – Coloured

“I have naturally Mousey brown hair with a lot of greys. I dye my hair dark brown and as you can imagine, my regrowth is very noticeable and looks really bad if I don’t keep dying it every 2 weeks. I find that this product not only helps to absorb excess oil in my scalp and give volume/texture to my hair, it also disguises my regrowth:)

I found when using normal dry shampoo, my hair would be left with a greyish tinge even after I’d given it a good rub/brush to distribute the product. I experience no such issue with this dry shampoo and highly recommend to all of my brunette beauties. It’s a really great product.” – beautyheaven member Ksm

“I own this in the brunette and I have to say that the idea of this is fantastic. I hate the white residue that dry shampoos leave on my hair. I love that this aims to avoid that. I think it does that part successfully. However, I think my curly hair might be too dry or something for this product. I get quite greasy roots, but the majority of my curls don’t get very greasy. When I sprayed this on my hair, my hair immediately felt a little bit drier. It wasn’t too bad, so I continued using it when I needed it. After around two weeks of using this, my hair just felt crunchy and dry whenever I used it. My hair didn’t like this product very much at all, but I can see how this would be perfect for those with different hair types to mine!” – beautyheaven member morgo1

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Schwarzkopf got2b Fresh It Up Brown Dry Shampoo

“I’m a big fan of this Schwarzkopf got2b Fresh It Up Brown Dry Shampoo for brunettes! No more white-grey residue and it comes with a sweet chocolate scent. Very pigmented, a big can you can get a lot out of and clean and refreshed hair. It’s a dream!” – beautyheaven’s Ellie

“I have found that being a brunette, there is a fine line as to how much dry shampoo you should use – if you use too much you can often see it, and if you don’t use enough then frankly you may as well not be using it at all. Not with this product. Firstly it smells like chocolate – need I say more…. yum. It sprays on like a standard dry shampoo, however, the finish is a dark chocolate brown, meaning that it blends in with the hair and doesn’t stand out like a white finish would. My hair was quite oily and it did a pretty good job at absorbing the oils and giving my hair a quick pick me up.” – beautyheaven’s Tamara

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Are you an avid dry shampoo user? Have you tried a dry shampoo for brunettes?

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