I’ve Been A Beauty Editor For 8 Years And These Are My Favourite DIY Products


When it comes to DIY beauty products, they can be real hit and miss. The best ones can save you time, money, and stress, but take a step wrong and you can end up paying a lot more for a professional to fix it.

I myself have had my fair share of both DIY disasters and triumphs. From trying to bleach my own roots (absolute fail) to sampling every single method of at-home hair removal, I’ve been a beauty guinea pig for over eight years.

And while I could talk about every chemical burn and bald patch suffered, instead I’m going to rave about the winners I still use and love today.

1000 Hour Brush-In Lash & Brow Dye Kit – Dark Brown

I rarely have my brows tended to professionally. I love it when I do, of course, but the kits from 1000 Hour just make it so easy to tint them myself at home. Even more so now there is the new brush-on formula.

If you haven’t tried the upgrade yet, this one doesn’t require any formula mixing. You simply brush on the colour cream for two minutes (using a provided spoolie), followed by the developer cream for one minute. Then cleanse, and you’re done. Seriously, three minutes for defined brows, with zero mess and without leaving your house. How good! I know I’m not the only one who loves it either, as it just won a 2021 Best in Beauty Award for ‘Best Brow Product’.

$20 at Woolworths

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OPI Infinite Shine System

Gel manicures are definitely one of the greatest long-lasting beauty inventions of all time. But when I can’t get to the salon (or don’t want to have to deal with the faff of professional removal), this at-home system is my go-to for decent nails.

You don’t need lamps and there’s no curing involved, but it’s the most chip-resistant and shiny formula I’ve tried. The base and top coats make a huge difference to any polish colour you’re using too.

Infinite Shine Pro Stay Duo Pack Nail Polish (which contains the base and top coat), $32.95 at Myer

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Waterpik Black Cordless Select Water Flosser

As far as at-home dental products go, I could write an entire love letter to the water flosser. Whitening strips ain’t got nothing on this. Dentist appointments are (of course) still required, but it has upped my flossing game substantially.

The debris that this gum-friendly jet gun unveils is insane (too much info?) and the satisfaction alone was enough to get me to use it consistently. Not to mention the cordless one is incredibly convenient. Because lukewarm water is best for use, you can even take it into the shower with you to fill and floss with wild abandon. One of the best DIY beauty products I’ve discovered in recent years.

$99.95 at The Shaver Shop

Nair Sensitive Mini Strips

I don’t mind my fuzzy top lip enough to spend money on a professional hair removal appointment. But when I do want things extra smooth (special occasions, videos where my lips are centre stage etc), I prefer a swift DIY wax in the comfort of my own bathroom.

These strips may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I certainly prefer the ready-to-go design over microwaving a whole tub of wax. The upper lip is only a small area after all and they’re convenient for a quick job. Word of advice for first-timers? Use them at least two days before your event to ensure any redness has calmed and disappeared.

$8.39 at Chemist Warehouse

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What’s your favourite DIY beauty product? Have you tried any of these ones?

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    • 1000 hour is well worth the purchase. I only use it for my brows. It takes a few goes to feel confident you’ve got it right. I find you need less product than on the instructions.

  1. I bet you get so many samples being a beauty editor, but it’s one of the perks of the job. I was at the dentist last week and she recommended one of those water flowers and after reading your review I’m thinking it might be a good investment

  2. 1000Hr is top-notch stuff – I’ve been buying the original formulation for decades. I’ve just bought the new brush-on one but haven’t tried it yet.

    My favourite DIYs are the Babyliss Home IPL device I won from Beautyheaven a few years ago; & L’Oréal Excellence Hair Colour – it covers my greys & the deep cleansing shampoo I use for my oily hair doesn’t strip the colour.

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