These Are The Best Products For Managing And Enhancing Curly Hair

These Are The Best Products For Managing And Enhancing Curly Hair

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for any hair type, let alone for curls. From tight coils to loose waves, curls come in many forms, textures and degrees of cooperativeness. But all curly hair types can agree on one thing: sometimes you just have those days when you aren’t wearing your curls, but your curls are wearing you. To change the narrative, we’ve compiled the best post-shower and pre-styling hair treatments that’ll work alongside your curl-friendly shampoo and conditioner.

So if you want to tame unruly frizz and enhance your bounce, we’ve compiled the best curly hair products to do just that…

Wella Professionals EIMI Boost Bounce Mousse Curly Hair

Unfortunately, having curly hair isn’t a lifetime guarantee of perfect spring and volume. Sometimes even the curliest of locks require some assistance in the va-va-voom department. Without weighing down hair, the Wella Professionals EIMI Boost Bounce Mousse Curly Hair will add volume, boost shine, reduce frizz and protect hair from heat tools. 

$24.95 at Hairhouse

Have you tried the Wella Professionals EIMI Boost Bounce Mousse Curly Hair? Leave a review here.

Sebastian Professional Twisted Curl Magnifier Styling Cream 

Create definition and a firm hold without making hair stiff or crunchy. In contrast to other style-holding products, this hydrating curl-magnifier won’t dry out your curls and will actually boost their health over time.

$25.72 at Amazon

Have you tried the Sebastian Professional Twisted Curl Magnifier Styling Cream? Leave a review here.

ghd professional hair dryer diffuser

This is a must-have for any curly hair blow-drying routine. ghd’s diffuser attaches to the end of any ghd hair dryer, to help create soft volume and separate the hair for extra definition while drying. 

$36 at Oz Hair And Beauty

Have you tried the ghd professional hair dryer diffuser? Leave a review here.

Glow Lab Leave-in Conditioner

If your hair is naturally curly, frizzy, dehydrated or all of the above, treat it to a night in with the Glow Lab Leave-in Conditioner. Formulated with vitamin E and a special Lipex SheaLight technology, this nourishing leave-in treatment will instantly detangle, control and boost shine.

$18, currently $9, at Woolworths

Have you tried the Glow Lab Leave-in Conditioner? Leave a review here.

SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie 

Want to trick your hair (and maybe even yourself) into thinking you’re on a tropical island?  Shea Butter’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie has been formulated for the arguably hardest to manage hair type: thick, strong and dense curls. Using only the good stuff like organic shea butter, silk protein and coconut oil, this styling cream will immediately eliminate flyaways and enhance hair body. 

“This beautiful thick cream really held my curls in nicely, the cream is heavy. I would use it following it with some serum to really hydrate my hair. and it works really well, it lasted me a long time.” – Duaa2202

$24.99 at Priceline

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Goldwell DUALSENSES CURLS & WAVES Hydrating Conditioner

By combining a croPROtec complex and milk proteins, Goldwell’s lightweight conditioner instantly hydrates, defines and detangles curly, wavy or permed hair.

Read more Goldwell DUALSENSES CURLS & WAVES Hydrating Conditioner reviews here…

KMS TAMEFRIZZ Curl Leave-In Conditioner

Consider this a rich moisturiser, only for your hair. Built with lactic acid, this deeply nourishing formula will repel the effects of humidity on your hair and act as a supportive base for curls that are prone to frizz.  

Have you tried the KMS TAMEFRIZZ Curl Leave-In Conditioner? Leave a review here.

Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancing Hair Spray

By reducing frizz by 20 per cent (it’s been proven to do so), the Be Curly Enhancing Hair Spray will give life to limp curls while combating flyaways and frizz. As an added bonus and in true Aveda style, the flexible-hold spray has been lightly scented with a blend of all-natural citrus.

$43 at Aveda

Have you tried the Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancing Hair Spray? Leave a review here.

The Lady Jayne Afro Comb

When hair is wet, it swells, which leaves it fragile and prone to damage. This is why it’s important to detangle and remove knots as quickly and as gently as possible. Lady Jayne’s Afro Comb adds volume and texture to curly hair, while leaving it smooth and tangle-free thanks to its wide and rounded plastic teeth.

$7.99 at Lady Jayne

Have you tried the Lady Jayne Afro Comb? Leave a review here.

Main image credit: @lauraharrier

Do you have any go-to products for styling curly hair? If so, leave a comment and let us know what they are!

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  1. My hair is not curly – it is more fuzzy or borderline wavy. One thing that I know for sure is that my hair does not like protein as it makes my hair feel brittle and straw-like.

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