28 celeb hair transformations that get an A+

28 celeb hair transformations that get an A+

Thinking of changing your ‘do? If you weren’t before, you certainly will now. Here are 28 of our favourite celebrity hair transformations to inspire you to shake things up this season.


The sultry songstress has ditched her signature fiery locks for the colour of the season – blonde! She’s opted to keep her length, but we would have loved an even bigger transformation with a chop, too. Who knows, maybe this is just stage one. Here’s hoping! 


After taking the plunge and snipping her locks into a short brunette bob last year, Lily Collins has debuted a daring look yet again with a flaming-red ‘do. We’re head over heels for the 27-year-old actress’ molten-hot mop, but it may be short-lived as she is currently filming a movie in Korea – but either way, she’s rocking it!


Thinking of making the switch from brunette to blonde? Let Miss Lea Michele be your muse. The formally brunette bombshell has jumped on the ‘bronde’ hair trend and has shown off her new gorgeous sandy-blonde locks.

“This is the perfect color for summer for Lea,” says Nikki Lee, who is responsible for Lea’s new look and is the co-owner of Nine Zero One Salon. “It goes great with her skin tone, and it’s fun because it’s a bit of a change for her.”


One Direction fans flew into a frenzy earlier this week, thanks to heartthrob Harry Styles and his drastic new look. Instagram went into meltdown with many fans taking to Twitter to express their heartbreak over Harry’s decision to do this:

Whoops. #Littleprincesstrust

A photo posted by @harrystyles on

A few days later, he treated the world to the end result, donating his luscious locks to Little Princess Trust, a charity providing wigs for little girls with cancer. Still a heartthrob, still stylin’, Styles.


Rockin’ a new sassy bleached ‘do at Coachella, Taylor took to her Instagram with a winning caption to show off the shag to her 73.8 million followers. All hail Queen T!


A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on


Not one but two major hair make-overs happened in just two days to the master of hair transformations, Ms King Kylie. The star debuted this long peach mane on the first day of Coachella…


A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

and then unveiled this rainbow dream on day two:

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

We’re suspecting the fun won’t stop here, with one more day of Coachella-ing to go. Stay tuned for what Kylie does next.


Well, hello bangs! Given the supermodel’s track record for non-commital ways of changing her ‘do, there’s speculation this could be a faux-fringe. Not too shabby Gig, not too shabby at all. 


When you’re used to sleeping safe and sound, dreaming of waking up to this:


A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

Nothing can prepare you for the reality that is this:


A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

Biebs made the DREADED reveal to his 64.4 million Instagram followers, clearly anticipating what everyone was thinking when he captioned it, ‘Why’.

Why indeed. 


What did we tell you? Is long hair making a comeback or what?! The Tis took her locks to a whole new level of length thanks to some seriously good extension work. Plus, those ‘S waves’ are too good not to selfie.

When you love your hair so much you get caught taking a selfie lol

A photo posted by Ashley Tisdale (@ashleytisdale) on


We’ve seen Ms Cyrus (or is it Mrs Hemsworth now?) sporting a number of seemingly normal ‘dos of late, but this ridiculously gorgeous fringe is by far our fave of them all. Faux or not, there’s no denying the girl looks BANGIN’. Pun intended.  

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Well helloooooo Ms Swift! The singer just debuted a sleek, asymmetrical, chin-grazing bob and a fresh set fringe on the the red carpet at the Grammys.
*Have sneaking suspicion this isn’t the only thing she’s winning at…


Our fave Aussie babe just got a major cut, and how did she let the world know about it? By sharing the transformation via Instagram, of course. “What do you think of my new ‘do?” she asked her 8.5 million followers, who swiftly began flooding her feed with compliments. 

A video posted by Miranda (@mirandakerr) on


Now who would’ve thought we’d see the day? It seems Ms Stone has switched her signature auburn locks for something a little darker, and word on the street is it’s for her upcoming role as Billie Jean King in Battle of the Sexes. Don’t worry folks, we’re predicting the red will be back in no time! 


The polished and perfectly poised Girls star has just updated her sleek style with a game-changing fringe. Fresh and textured, we love the new look. Welcome to the A-team, Allison.

It’s 3:20 am and @mrchrismcmillan just banged me ‼️✂️ #PastMyBedtime

A photo posted by Allison Williams (@aw) on

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Well looky looky what’s been hiding under those pink braids and hip-length dreds all this time! The usually flamboyant pop star recently attended Falls Festival in Byron Bay with former fiancé Liam Hemsworth sporting this relatively normal ‘do. It seems 2016 might be a whole new era of Miley….


LC has always been at the forefront of every hair trend and now that she’s gone red, we’re suspecting it to be the must-have hair hue for 2016.


Hilary debuted her chin-skimming chop on Instagram with the caption ‘Soooo it’s pretty short’.

Instagram @cynthiavanis


Not content with just going blonde, Khloe Kardashian just debuted a chin skimming bob job (and we’re loving it).


The Brit beauty transformed her locks this week with a freshly trimmed chin-length ‘do. Yep, calling the salon now… 


Lara recently chopped her locks into a chic pixie cut. If you ask us, it’s one of her best hair looks yet.


Working with Christina Hendricks on Mad Men must have rubbed off on Elisabeth! Her recent stint as a redhead sadly didn’t last long, but if you ask us, she rocked it.


Since the singer is notorious for wearing wigs, we’re almost certain this isn’t her own hair. Still, we’re totally digging the copper on Katy.


It’s possible that Kylie can’t even keep up with Kylie’s constantly changing hair. But the chameleon has her enormous wig wardrobe to thank for all the new looks! The latest? This seafoam green number.


It’s official! The Duchess has a gringe! After months out of the spotlight after the birth of her second child, Charlotte, in May, Kate stepped out with this adorable makeover.  


Sienna, is that you?! Earlier this year, the actress had everyone frantically calling their hairdresser requestingthat tousled lob. And though she recently switched to auburn, we really love this soft fade-out, which is oh so chic and effortlessly cool.


If the name fits… Scarlett’s no stranger to fiery locks, so her new hue is hardly a surprise. We’re absolutely loving her short pixie crop – even if she doesn’t!


Adding some edge to her ‘do, the singer recently debuted a picture-perfect fringe. She first sported her new look during New York Fashion Week in September.


Who says you have to wait for hair to grow? Collins shows us you can achieve great lengths with the help of extensions, and we love that dark chocolate hue against her alabaster skin. And while lobs and bobs have been popular of late, here’s all the convincing you need to keep your locks a little longer.


For her 34th birthday, Queen Bey celebrated by showing off these bangin’ new bangs on her site. Does she ever get it wrong? Answer: no.


The queen of style proves a fringe is and always will be the quickest way to change up your look. Victoria’s light, side-swept one makes for a classic update.

Which celeb’s new ‘do are you loving the most?

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