Beauty tips to enhance freckles

Beauty tips to enhance freckles

Whether they’re year round speckles or just a light sprinkle that’s saved for summer, your freckles will always look amazing when you embrace them. Not only are they a sign of youthfulness, they’re sexy without trying, refreshing and real. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at Victoria’s Secret bombshell Erin Heatherton’s signature smattering, Rachel Bilson’s subtle speckles or Emma Stone’s beauty spots. Now do you get it?

While sun-kissed spots are trending, there are several beauty tricks you can try to make them truly shine. And the best part? Freckles make everything else you do, whether it’s a lip or strong feline eye, look that touch bit more effortless. From trends to skip, foundation flops and fiery locks, here are seven beauty tips to enhance your freckles.


This step should be a no-brainer, no matter whether you’re freckle-free or covered in them. Just remember, pigmentation is triggered by sun exposure, and the melanin in your skin that accumulates will (eventually) surface. So, the lesson? Be diligent and protect yourself from the sun and you’ll help those cute clusters stay cute – and from morphing into more serious spots in the future! Get yourself a daily moisturiser with broad spectrum SPF 15 or more. Good, now you’ve got your base covered.

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Red hair is synonymous with freckles, accentuating each little smattering in all the right ways. And since the fiery trend is suspected to be a must-have hair hue for 2016, how can you possibly go wrong? Here are 10 celebrities (plus some other not-so-famous beauties) who prove red hair is a sure-fire way to make a bold beauty statement.

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Heavy make-up and freckles aren’t exactly a perfect match, so don’t let your formula interfere with your skin’s texture. Your safest bet: a sheer BB cream or tinted moisturiser, which will hydrate your skin, give SPF protection and a natural-looking finish that’ll ensure your freckles aren’t masked, but perfectly paraded. Remember, freckles are features to highlight, not hide, so think fresh, glowing, healthy-looking skin.

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For the times when you need something heavier, remember to avoid matching your foundation shade to your freckles. Do and you’ll end up with a shade that’s too dark for your face. When you pick your shade, use the lighter skin in between your beauty marks to guide you.

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There’s no need to be shy when picking your cheek colour – freckles look extra fresh under a wash of bright pink or coral. Simply sweep your cheekbones with one of these hues to add a little pop of colour to add contrast. Anything too brown or warm might make your spots appear muddy.

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Think bronzer is a no-go zone? Think again. So long as you keep things sheer, a little sun-kissed colour will really complement your speckles, which are naturally more prominent post-sun anyway. Get it right with a light cream or gel bronzer, which will keep your skin visible through the glow.

bh tip: Avoid products that are too glittery, as these will only overpower, and take the attention away from your speckles.

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Don’t have freckles, or want to add more? Easy, just draw them on! Create the illusion of freckles using a soft eyebrow or eye pencil. For a natural look, choose a colour that is close to the colour of your natural freckles; whether it be dark blonde, red or brown. If you want to get really technical, alternate between two subtly different shades to create the most realistic-looking spots. Lightly dot the pencil onto your skin, focusing particularly on areas where the sun hits your face: along your cheekbones, under your eyes and across your nose. Once you’ve applied your faux spots, dab evenly with a blush brush to blend and set in place.

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There are a handful of beauty trends that aren’t right for everyone, and contouring is one of them. As a cosmetic-heavy technique, those trying to flaunt their spots won’t want to get on this bandwagon. Instead, try strobing, which naturally pops and sculpts the face by highlighting the cheek and brow bones. This’ll give you enough dimension without dulling your freckles.

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Do you have freckles? What beauty tricks do you use to flaunt them?

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