The biggest beauty and hair trends of 2015


I’m a sucker for trends. If you tell me bleached brows are ‘in’, I’ll give them a whirl. Bejeweled lips? No problem! Blue bangs? When can I book in?!

Okay, admittedly while there are some looks that don’t exactly fare well in real life (all of the above), there are some new gems you’re going to fall madly in love with. The year is set to be a seriously inspiring one in terms of beauty – trust me!

So without further ado, here are the biggest hair and beauty predictions for 2015:

Long tails

Mr Alexander Wang and Mr Jason Wu think it’s time to update the old school pony, and their direction is clear: looser and lower is better. Tie your ‘tail at the nape of your neck, and for bonus points, give it a glossy finish.

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Wetter is better

Yep, it’s official: in 2015, slick, wet hair is seriously on-trend. Zac Posen, Balmain and Thakoon all went fresh-out-of-the-water and added a touch of masculinity, while celebrities like Scarlett Johansson took the look from the runway to the people. If you want to hold on to that summer feeling for as long as possible, this trend is for you.

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The power brow

No stranger to a beauty trend list, brows are back and better than ever. Need proof? Remember Taylor Swift on the cover of Wonderland with those insane, 90s-inspired straight-edge brows? We sure do. Click here immediately (if not sooner) to see how you can change your brows for the better. 

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Centre stage

Though beauties the world over have been flirting with deep side parts over the past few months, the middle part is set to dominate 2015. Simplicity is key. Donna Karan and Isabel Marant show us how it’s done with straight down the middle, parted elegance.

bh loves: Lady Jayne Two Tone Tail Comb

Negative space

Tadashi Soji, Charlotte Ronson and Creature of Comfort have set this trend, and we adore it. “Negative space” is a technique that involves leaving blank space on artworks, and it’s now made its way from our canvases to our nails. This trend will no doubt give us plenty of #nailart inspo in terms of colours, shapes and patterns.

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Are any of these beauty trends on your 2015 to-do list?

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