Beauty appraisal: Schwarzkopf Taft Surfer Chic Texturising Salt Spray

Beauty appraisal: Schwarzkopf Taft Surfer Chic Texturising Salt Spray

We all know that when it comes to beauty products, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. If it did, there wouldn’t be the millions of products available that there are, and as a result – things would be pretty boring.

It’s for this reason that we started Beauty Appraisal: a no-fluff two-sided review by the beautyheaven team of products that land on our desks. On one side is the review of someone that is perfectly suited to the product, and on the other is a review from someone who didn’t award it full points for one reason or another. The point of the story being that you’ll be able to distinguish which view you’re more aligned with and discover whether or not the product is a perfect match for you.

To kick it off, we’re appraising Schwarzkopf Taft Surfer Chic Texturising Salt Spray. So, is it a beauty must-have?

Liv says… YES

Hair type: wavy, fine strands but lots of them and in relatively good condition.

As someone who has previously had dry and brittle hair, I would be a little nervous to use a product that would mimic the effect of the ocean on my hair. However, over the years I have taken steps to improve the condition of my hair and am now more than happy to let its natural wave shine through.

After using this spray on my hair, I was delighted with the texture, natural wave and volume that my hair experienced – I certainly didn’t predict to get a gorgeous height injection to the crown of my head! The ‘scrunching’ I applied to my hair while blow drying (after spritzing the stuff all over my dry hair) worked to create sea-soaked waves that I never imagined would look as good as they did. I’m converted. So much so that I made a video! Check out my video on how to use sea salt spray properly…

Rosie says… NO

Hair type: dry, damaged, frizz-prone and thick.

When left to dry naturally without any product in it, my hair has a natural wave but can be quite frizzy. Because of this, I’ve always found that I haven’t liked letting my hair air dry as it becomes quite unmanageable throughout the day. While this product definitely added texture to my natural waves, I found that it didn’t really tame my OTT frizz.

I was pleased with my ‘beachy’ waves, and that the product worked to define and hold my natural kink, but once my hair was completely air-dried, my little frizzies came out to play. Next time, after applying this product and scrunching it through, I’ll run a frizz-taming serum or oil through it as well to keep the frizz at bay. While I wanted so much to make this a permanent part of my hair care line-up, it just didn’t really do wonders for my particular hair type.

Which side of the fence do you sit on? Would you be keen to give sea salt spray a go on your hair?

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