7 benefits of growing a beard

7 benefits of growing a beard

Who knew that some week-old scruff or a full caveman style growth could be a fashion statement, a medical miracle and even a relationship game changer.

Tom Hardy, Jake Gyllenhal, Chris Hemsworth, Santa Claus – all bearded and ozzing an attractive energy of manliness, strength, wisdom and protection.

Ok maybe Santa isn’t classically  attractive but he’s definitely wise.

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Truth be told, there aren’t many factors that work against the beards favour.

But in case you still aren’t convinced, we’ve put together a list of 7 compelling reasons to grow out that facial fuzz. 

1. A beard will make you a better boyfriend

Don’t question us. It’s science.

According to a study done by Dr. Dixston, a psychologist at the University of Queensland, Australia, upwards of 8,500 women were asked to rate the attractiveness of men, and whether they considered them as short-term or long-term relationship prospects. 

And the result….? An overwhelming majority of the women rated bearded men to be far more attractive than those without a beard and a superior candidate for long-term relationships. 

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2. Will keep you warm in winter

How incredibly practical. Save money on an expensive scarf or puffer jacket this year – this thermal for your face will keep you snug all winter, free of charge. 

Of course this in turn also reduces your chance of getting a winter chill, so you can then thank your beard for keeping you fighting fit and flu free too.

But don’t let it get totally out of hand, we recommend keeping your beard a little less Tom Hanks in Cast Away and a bit more Liam Hemsworth.

The easiest way to do this is with a beard oil and a good quality brush. 

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Avoiding shaving will reduce your chance of acne breakouts. Shaving creates openings that encourage bacteria which can lead to congestion.

It can also worsen pre-existing acne as well as contribute to future acne-related skin issues.

4. You will look 20 years younger, always

According to research done by the University of Southern Queensland, it was revealed beards can lessen the severity of sun damage, in turn, keeping you fine line and wrinkle free. 

Reducing exposure to UV rays is also linked to reducing a risk of contracting skin cancer.

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5. Acts as a coat of confidence 

According to a survey conducted by German company, Braun, over half of the men surveyed said they feel more attractive with a beard and 41 per cent said a beard makes them feel more confident. 

Whether that’s a result of feeling less exposed, with the protection of facial hair acting like a shield to the outside world, confidence seems to come hand in hand with facial hair.

In fact, according to Jeibiga.com, having a beard gives a man a sense of power and confidence that can be sensed by those around them.

6. You will instantly be more sexy

Put simply, women are genetically attracted to high-testosterone features. Think broad shoulders, strong jawline and a deep voice.

Facial hair, specifically a beard, is another stand out feature that screams “I am a man and I will protect you”… duh. 

If you need a helping hand with making your growth look fuller, try adding a bit of colour to your beard to fill in gaps, fairer strands and greys.

bh recommends:Just For Men Moustache & Beard

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7. Round the clock accessory 

Go to bed a legend and wake up a legend. Spend less time concerned with your outfit, because your beard is going to bring a level of style to anything you wear. 

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Do you have or know someone with a beard? Do you feel more confident?

Have you tried any of the products mentioned?

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  1. I don’t mind a short stubble but definitely not on my husband because it doesn’t suit him at all. I’ve never liked full beards so I’m not too happy that my son has long hair and a full beard but he’s not going to shave it off just because I don’t like it.

  2. Ok, a little stubble- a 5 o’clock shadow- is nice but the full on wizard beard that a lot of guys have now is freaking gross!!
    I would not want to kiss that. They look unclean and unkept…who knows what creepy crawlies lurk in there.

  3. My dad has always had one but it’s always neat and tidy. One would suit my husband, I like short, neat stubble but he always shaves it off. It wouldn’t take him long to grow one but he says its uncomfortable.

  4. “OZZing an attractive energy …”? Haha, typo!

    Colds & flu are caused by viruses, not by getting cold. Surely a beard could be a breeding bed of bacteria & viruses, right on men’s faces?

    Who were these 8,500 women? I prefer men clean-shaven. Although, I’d take Chris Hemsworth any way I could get him, haha!

  5. Interesting aspect at looking at why a man would grow a beard. I can only think of one or two reasons and looking younger is not one of them. Mainly to hide a chinless face, or an ugly face. There are more than 7 reasons NOT to grow a beard.

  6. I like looking at bearded men but I think I prefer my man clean shaven. A good looking man is good with or without but a less attractive man may look better with a beard (obviously that is all very superficial and I would never choose or not choose someone because of a beard).

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  8. Well it’s the choice of everyone it’s won what kind of look he want to do so if anyone like to have growing beard then it’ not looking bad in face now it’s the trend of having beard ..

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