Barbie now has baby hairs and we’re so here for this inclusivity

Barbie now has baby hairs and we’re so here for this inclusivity

The blonde-haired, blue-eyed, dressed head-to-toe in pink Barbie we once knew has taken a step to the side.

Ever since Barbie-maker Mattel announced that they, as a company, want to provide a “multi-dimensional view of beauty and fashion” and “represent global diversity and inclusivity”,  we’ve seen a range Barbies that more closely represents real people.

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Barbies with no hair, prosthetic limbs, disabilities, skin conditions, varying body shapes, ethnicities and hairstyles; making it a priority for children to be able to identify themselves within their own dolls and also to learn about and celebrate all the differences from person to person within our society. 

Image credit: Barbie

And now thanks to this modern Barbie fashion, we have the latest on-trend doll as part of the  BMR1959 collection. She’s dressed head-to-toe in “today’s hottest streetwear trends” with NO detail spared, not even the purple baby hairs. 

Think ‘90s, with the chunky yellow sneaker, logo gold statement earrings, boxy houndstooth blazer over a neon crop top and skirt ensemble. 

It’s safe to assume the bright coloured lavender and pink toned hair was Barbie’s nod to the COVID-19 lockdown hair experiments, which have taken 2020 by storm. And in a sentence we never thought we’d write, her neatly swirled baby hairs (which match her nails, of course) are giving us hair envy. 

Amongst the baby-haired fashionista, is another doll representing yet another unexpected hair trend that COVID-19 gave birth to, the two toned blonde and brunette we saw Kylie Jenner rocking. 

Image credit: Barbie and @kyliejenner

The BMR1959 collection are currently available in Australia via Amazon, see here

Main image credit: @barbie

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  1. ha yeh beauty obsession! I relate to that albeit my dolls were not fancy barbies, just were some unglam type of doll but they were all due for haircuts when they came into my possession too! Alas the hair wasn’t growing back (for some reason!). ; )

  2. I have no vendetta against Barbie… I don’t have kids, nor do I plan to have any, so it’s not really my concern. Just an observation though is that I do remember being a very little girl and playing with Barbie and very much noticing the beauty-signaling. Very objectively noticing the proportions and curves and absorbing them as “this is what is considered beautiful”. I’m glad Barbie is slowly turning into something a little more versatile… but would like to see it happen even more.

  3. I didn’t know either until I found out it’s a trend among black and Hispanic women to “style” their baby hairs into all kinds of designs. I’m white with fine hair so it would be impossible to do with mine lol. I think it’s because they have a much thicker and curly hair texture

  4. I was a huge barbie fan when I was little and even had barbies I didn’t play with “holiday barbie”. I always liked the inclusion when they had barbies with careers and things I definitely had a corporate barbie at one stage, which is fitting now.

    It’s great they are getting more inclusive, it’s just too bad it’s taken so dang long! But, looking forward to the continued inclusions that they do, even for baby hairs 🙂

  5. I never played with dolls, too much of a tomboy I guess. I do have some pop characters now, just for their hair. My favourite is one with pink hair and a nose stud. I can identify with them. Even though I’m not a superhero.

  6. I had a few Barbies, in one way I look at these new ones and think, it’s not the same, that is not Barbie, they should call them Barbies friends (as I see Barbie as a ‘specific person’) but then again Barbie is a brand not a person and can come in many looks it is just a change I need to get used to.

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