Back to blonde

Back to blonde

Q) “I currently have dark purple-coloured hair and want to go back to my natural hair colour of mousy brown/blonde. I was told it would cost quite a lot to strip it. Can you give me any ideas of what to do?” – Bonnie, QLD

A) “Hey Bonnie, the best advice I can give you about a cost-conscious way to get your hair from dark purple to mousy brown, is to never have dyed it in the first place! No, just kidding (sort of). At my salon we use a product called EXIT, which is a low chemical stripper that takes one to two shades out of the hair, but this alone will not get you back to mousy brown – you’ll have to go to dark brown then to brown and then finally you may get close but probably not to your exact original colour. In short, it’s a long process when choosing to maintain the condition of the hair and to get clean results, and every time you have a service it is going to cost something. Whenever going dark, always remember that if you want to go back to your original, lighter colour eventually, it’s going to be a long and costly process. I wish I could tell you a magical, easy way but I can’t, sorry!”

– Phillip Gallo, owner of Gallo Hair, Sydney

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