Autumn hair colour trends to try this season


The cooler weather is here, but it’s the perfect time to get your hair all warmed up for the new season with a fresh hair colour. Shake off the new-season blues by changing up your hair colour to one of the biggest autumn hair colour trends for 2018. Whether you’re a blonde, a brunette or a redhead, there’s a hair colour trend for everyone to try this season.

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To help you decide on your new hue, we’ve rounded up the biggest hair colour trends for 2018 with Jaye Edwards, top celebrity hairstylist and founder of the legendary Edwards and Co salons. “Autumn is one of my favourite months for hair” he says. “As the weather gets cooler, and our skin and hair get a little drier, it’s like clients suddenly realise warmer tones look better in their hair. And the best thing about warmer tones is that they look healthier and shinier all the time!”

Does healthier and shinier sounds good to you? Me too. So let the autumn leaves fall, and let’s turn our colour up a notch.

Autumn hair colour trend #1: GOLDEN HOUR

“I love gollllllllld,” proclaimed the eponymous Goldmember in the Austin Powers movie of the same name. And when it comes to hair hues, we’re definitely on the same page – gold is damn good. And Aussie darling Margot Robbie is the proud owner of the gilded mane of our dreams. “It’s all about gold,” agrees Jaye. “It’s the biggest hair trend for Autumn 2018.”

Rather than the icy platinum tones of the past few years, autumn sees us turn down the dial a little bit and return our blonde to a softer vibe. Ask for effortless warm tones that won’t have you reaching for the purple shampoo every wash.

Autumn hair colour trend #2: AUTUMN AUBURN

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Brunette? Redhead? Well, in the wise words of the kid on the Old El Paso ad – “Why don’t we have both?” Take the classic autumn brunette hue and warm it up even further with the addition of auburn tones à la Australian actress Charlotte Best.

When it comes to your skin tone, Jaye suggests this look is best suited to those with cooler skin tones. “The cooler your skin tone, the warmer your hair can be, while if you have a warmer skin tone, cooler tones will suit you more,” he says. “This isn’t to say that someone with warm skin can’t have a warm colour, it’s just different variations of warmth. For example a pink skin tone is more suited to a muted gold rather than an auburn tone.” Either way, there’s always an option for you – an experienced colourist will be able to work with you on getting the best results possible for both your current hair condition and your desired colour.

Autumn hair colour trend #3: TONAL TOUCHES

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Emerging as the perfect hair trend for lazy girls that still want to look salon-fresh, Jaye says this season it’s all about multi-tonal hair colour like model Georgia Ansell’s effortless look. “By multi-tonal, we’re talking about colour with depth not just the same colour all over,” he says. “Adding a little more depth and darker golds can help to create dimension and a lived-in future proof feel.” Read: less fuss about salon visits, as the colours are seamlessly blended together and made to look effortless.

This trend is especially great for anyone who wants to go lighter for autumn, as the combination of multi-tonal hair colour and a laidback colouring technique such as a root stretch will mean less time in the salon chair for you. “I love to focus on future proofing hair colour,” says Jaye. “So I like to make colour as low maintenance as possible, where you’re only required to come in every 8–12 weeks, sometimes even longer.” Sounds good to us!

Found a hair colour trend that you like? Great! But if you’re feeling hesitant about adopting a new colour and you’re unsure if it will suit your lifestyle, Jaye says it’s important to do what you love, rather than what you think is expected. “One of my pet peeves is when clients put themselves and their hair into categories. Sometimes they wonder, is my hair long enough for this or am I too old for this?” he says. “But you do you and just have the hair you want to have and be confident doing it.” Hear hear!

To stretch out your colour even longer, Jaye suggests using colour-saving products at home to keep things fresh between salon visits. “KEVIN.MURPHY products are my favourite – RE.STORE ($54.95, is the best invention ever and leaves your hair nourished while also maintaining your colour really well,” he says. “And of course Olaplex is essential – I use it in every colour I do to increase the longevity.” Get the effects of Olaplex at home with Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector Home Treatment ($49.95,

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What’s your favourite hair colour for autumn?

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