ASTRA Awards: Lee Furlong’s winter-esque beachy strands

ASTRA Awards: Lee Furlong’s winter-esque beachy strands

The thought of sporting beachy, textured hair in winter is a rather odd one. I mean, this style belongs on, well, the beach, doesn’t it? The answer is actually a gigantic no. Need proof? One teeny tiny peek at Lee Furlong – a downright pretty lass famous for her Aussie WAG title and Foxtel presenting abilities – and you’ll be a true believer.

Prior to spotting Lee Furlong on the 10th Annual ASTRA Awards red carpet, we at bh HQ never really gave much thought to wearing this token summer hairstyle during the cooler months. But the more we thought about it, the more it made sense. So much sense!

In winter, it’s wet and wooly outside, and as a result, our poker straight strands never stay poker and straight. Instead, our natural texture emerges and we’re forced to put away the straightening tools and whip out the wave-enhancing products. Having said this, doesn’t it seem like an absolute no-brainer to embrace textured, beachy strands at this time of year? Our locks are already behaving in such a piecey, kinky manner, all we really need to do is add a little salt spray or use a curling tool to boost our natural wave. We’re so silly for not realising earlier, aren’t we? Ahem, yes.

So, in an effort to make up for our embarrassing confession, we’ve stolen the official Lee Furlong how-to from ghd Guest Artist Hamish Glianos. Sneaky? Yes, but seriously smart by us. Go forth and copy, beauties. It’s the most intelligent thing you’ll do all day.


STEP 1: Prep your damp hair with a volume-inducing product like ghd Total Volume Foam and a thermal protector such as ghd Heat Protect Spray, then blast your hair dry using a good-for-your-strands ionic blow-dryer like the ghd air.

STEP 2: Once your hair is dry, mist your locks with ghd Curl Hold Spray, sectioning as you go using a ghd Tail Comb. Using a product such as this will ensure your styling efforts stay-put longer than an hour. Win!

STEP 3: With your ghd styler or similar, create a water wave effect by pulling it down each length of hair while rotating the styler 180 degrees in each direction. For this look particular look, Hamish used a ghd Gold Max styler to create Lee’s big, loose waves.

STEP 4: Let the hair cool down, mist with ghd Root Lift Spray at the roots for added volume, then gently brush out the hair with a ghd Oval Dressing Brush or similar paddle brush.

STEP 5: Finally, finish with an extra hold hairspray such as ghd Final Fix Hairspray.

What do you think of wearing this token summery beachy hairstyle in winter? Are you keen to copy Lee Furlong’s ASTRA Awards ‘do?

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