The ghd curve: the answer to your hair curling questions


If you’re the one in your group of friends who’s even mildly handy with a curling tong, then you’re bound to have heard them gushing over your wavy locks and complaining about their own curling hurdle.

Some of the most often heard excuses are: “It takes too long”, “It’s too hard”, “I never get the look I want”, and (my personal favourite) “My hair just doesn’t curl!”.

Well these excuses are no longer valid, as the brains at ghd have launched a new range of curling tongs that are super fast and easy to use. The range features four different tools so that you can achieve any curl look you desire, and they harness the very best in hair curling technology to ensure that your (and anyone else’s) hair definitely will curl – and look just like you want it to.

Take a look at the ghd curve line-up…

Each tool in the ghd curve range comes complete with these special features:
–    Patented tri-zone technology to create healthier-looking curls that stay in place for longer.
–    Advanced ceramic coating for smoother curling.
–    Six quick-thinking sensors that maintain the optimum styling temperature of 185ËšC through the entire wand throughout styling.
–    Heats up quickly.
–    Protective cool tip.
–    Professional length cord.
–    Built-in safety stand.
–    Automatic sleep mode after 30 minutes without use.
–    Universal voltage.

Olivia tried: ghd creative curl wand

The look: imperfect, voluminous boho curls and deeper disheveled waves.

Celebrity perfect hair match: Bella Thorne

Olivia’s hair type: Medium length, fine, but lots of it. Hair is naturally wavy and a little on the dry side.

Perfect for: All hair types, but especially for those with fine to medium hair and anyone who wants to achieve a voluminous, beachy look.

Special features exclusive to this tool:
–    28mm-23mm tapered conical barrel that can create natural looking curls and deep waves.
–    The ability to create irregular, natural looking, beachy waves.

Caitlin tried: ghd soft curl tong

The look: Bouncy, tumbling, voluminous waves.

Celebrity hair match: Selena Gomez

Caitlin’s hair type: Naturally straight, very thick, very heavy, very long and slightly damaged from constant lightening.

Perfect for: Those with thicker hair that want to curl their hair fast and effectively. It’s also ideal for those that want to create tumbling waves instead of tight curls.

Special features exclusive to this tool:
–    32mm large barrel with spring-activated ergonomic lever to give volume at the roots and tumbling soft waves.
–    The large wand can handle a lot of hair, ensuring a faster styling time.

Michelle tried: ghd curve classic wave wand

The look: Old Hollywood waves and deep-set, polished curls.

Celebrity hair match: Blake Lively

Michelle’s hair type: Long, thick and coloured. Hair is naturally very wavy.

Perfect for: Anyone with fine or thick hair that wants to create Old Hollywood waves or a different kind of curl look.

Special features exclusive to this tool:
–    38mm-26mm oval shaped wand to create glamorous waves.
–    The large wand can handle a lot of hair, ensuring a faster styling time.

Natalie tried: ghd curve classic curl tong

The look: Perfect, classic waves.

Celebrity hair match: AnnaSophia Robb

Natalie’s hair type: Fine, short, flat hair that is naturally straight and doesn’t ordinarily hold curls well.

Perfect for: Anyone with fine, short hair or anyone that wants to create a tighter curl.

Special features exclusive to this tool:
–    26mm medium barrel to create consistent medium-sized curls.
–    Spring-activated ergonomic lever.

Which tool do you think would be best for you? Which celebrity curl style do you like the look of most?

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