Angelina Jolie’s Hair Extensions Are Going Viral For All The Wrong Reasons


However you slice it, Angelina Jolie is undoubtedly an incredibly accomplished and beautiful woman. But bad hair still happens to good people. And that’s exactly what occurred when Angelina hit the carpet for the Eternals premiere in Rome…

The first to discuss the, er, less than ideal look (which involved waist-length extensions added to her mid-length natural locks)? Twitter, of course.

For the record, from the front Angelina still looked flawless. Hell, even with a hair mishap as dodgy as this one, she still looked pretty damn good from other angles, too.

Could it have been an intentional cutting-edge statement look? Um, sure. Was it? Probably not. So what went wrong? The shade match was pretty spot on, after all; the issue was in the join (or lack thereof).

Celebrity extension expert Priscilla Valles (who counts stars from Megan Fox to Christina Aguilera as clients) spoke to Page Six about how to avoid a faux hair faux pas such as this…

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“What went wrong with this look is that there are not enough extensions, and they are not high up,” Priscilla shared, noting that the secret to success is “first putting [extensions] on top, and then building them up and making sure there is enough in so you don’t see a demarcation line, which you see clear as day with Angelina.”

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Another top tip? Get your real hair trimmed before adding in any faux hair pieces to ensure a smooth blend.

“If someone has a really blunt cut, use thinning shears to barely hit the ends to break up that line, or hold the hair up to chip in some layers to get rid of the blunt end,” Priscilla told Page Six. “The thinner the ends are, the better the hair blends together.”

Sounds like sound advice to us. Sometimes even the stars (and the pros) have to learn the hard way, huh?

Have you ever tried extensions?

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  1. I’ve never had hair extensions but I bet whoever did that to Angelina’s hair got the sack real quick. Absolutely shocking. And you would think they would show her the back of her hair with a mirror but then again I guess when you have as much money as she does and pay through the roof for a glam team you shouldn’t need to check. I would still want to though.

  2. Oh , not well done. She has a great hair, why need for bad quality extensions. She is beautiful.
    My hair is too long as is, there is no extensions longer than that haha. Do need a cut again, just to shorten up to my waist.

  3. I wonder if they just ran out of time and ‘the show must go on’ attitude struck and then this was the result. Maybe something happened to the hairdresser and she couldn’t finish the job. : / I guess we may never really know.

    • In the long term can cause hair loss. My friend overseas is a hairdresser and wore extensions for over a year. She said her hair was way thicker before, extensions have made her hair thin out a lot. So she took them out in hope to regrow her hair.

  4. I have never tried extensions but they can look stunning – Lucky for Jolie she has plenty of other attributes to take you attention away from any manufactured flaws

  5. I’ve never had extensions, I’m growing my hair even though it is ainfully slw extensions are just not for me. I wonder if she was upset when she saw those photo’s?

  6. That is not a good look! You would of thought that someone working for her would know what they were doing or at least would of seen that it didn’t work and tell her that they need to fix it or get rid of the extension!

  7. OOOOFT, that’s bad! Colour match is great though. Don’t think she needed extensions in the first place, her natural length is perfect & beautiful. It’s the kind of length I’m missing now that my hair’s a bit shorter. 🙁

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