Double duty beauty

Double duty beauty

Here at bh, we’re always on the hunt for an alternative way to use a beauty product and we think you’ll find the below rather innovative indeed.

I am renowned in the office for my hatred of ironing. I have neither the time nor inclination to iron. But if I see a crinkle or a crease that threatens to ruin my outfit, I’ll happily give it the quick once over with my ghd IV styler. Definitely not on the recommended list of uses, but handy all the same.

Leanne also has a few handy hints up her sleeve. Ever heard of hairspray to get rid of pen marks? Neither had I until I worked here, but apparently it’s mandatory when you have a two-year-old terror. Sorry, artiste! Also on Leanne’s list: the trusty clear nail polish on your stockings trick if you get a ladder.

And the multi-use product we all swear by? A toothbrush. Great for taming eyebrows, exfoliating lips and cleaning the bathroom tiles. Speaking of household chores, a quick swipe of a face wipe banishes dust and makes mirrors super shiny.

Any more to add to the list?

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