Alternative ways to use hairspray

Alternative ways to use hairspray

Between keeping curls coiled, flattening stubborn flyaways and stopping bobby pins from slipping out of place, hairspray sure has a few tricks up its sleeve. Yep, since big hair burst onto the scene back in the 80s, hairspray has been an essential in every woman’s beauty arsenal. But how much do you really know about what hairspray can do? Trust me, you’re in for a pleasant surprise – this is what else it can do…

Keep your make-up on for longer

Seal your make-up with the help of hairspray. Lean your head back and spray the hairspray up, directly above your face towards the ceiling. Wait for the hairspray to fall onto your face. It’ll seal your make-up without the sticky feeling. Just a heads up: remember to hold your breath.

Eyebrow gel

Just as we tame the hair on our head, so too can we tame our brows. Mist hairspray onto a brow brush 10-15cm away from the bristles (you want them damp, not sopping wet) and use the brush to sweep the hairs. If you don’t have a brow brush, an old toothbrush is a great substitute.

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Stop ladders in your stocking

Applying hairspray to your stockings stiffens the undergarment strands, making them less prone to runs and ladders.

Stiffen your zippers

Nothing is more embarrassing than when you’re waltzing around in public with your fly undone. #Fail. Give loose, stubborn zippers a once-over with hairspray – this will harden the zipper’s teeth, lowering your chance of accidentally flashing the masses!

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Remove lint

To remove lint, fur and hair from clothing, you can use, yep – you guessed it! Hairspray. Simply spray a rag and then rub it over your clothing. With just the right amount of sticking power, the rag will remove anything stuck to your clothing.

Static, no more!

Got a little static problem happening between your dress and tights? Easily solved! Spray hairspray directly on the clinging area and you’ll find it’s less likely to stick.

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Preserve cut flowers

You might initially think it’s a bad idea to spray your flowers with hairspray, but just as it preserves your hairstyle, a spritz of hairspray can really help to ward off wilting. Stand a foot away from the bouquet and give them the lightest of sprays.

Remove permanent marker

Nix pen stains from your clothing by dampening the stain with water and then blotting the area with a towel you’ve first sprayed with hairspray. Once you start blotting, you’ll see the ink transferring from your clothing onto the towel.

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What other uses have you found for hairspray?

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