A’Kin By Al’chemy Dry Shampoo

A’Kin By Al’chemy Dry Shampoo


Fifty women aged under 35 who wanted to refresh their hair and add body and texture without having to wash, dry and style.



of members said they noticed their hair had more volume and texture after using the A’kin by Al’chemy Dry Shampoo


of members said they noticed excess oil was absorbed from the hair after using the A’kin by Al’chemy Dry Shampoo


of members said they enjoyed using the A’kin by Al’chemy Dry Shampoo


of members said they would recommend A’kin by Al’chemy Dry Shampoo to their friends and family

beautyheaven says…

You say:

ng fresh

ntly my hair felt fresh, light and didn’t have a shine that it did before. Unlike other dry shampoos, this didn’t feel heavy and upon second application it didn’t build up, which is a big plus!…read more reviews here

y fresh smell

de my hair look fresh with better texture, it added volume to my hair and [it…read more reviews here

me product to have non-greasy hair everyday!!

iggest positive about this product is how quickly it absorbs into the scalp. All you need is a few sprays before you brush your hair.…read more reviews here

rific product

emed to leave no trace of any powdery residue, I was also very impressed with the volume it added to my hair. It left my hair feeling instantly refreshed and absorbed oily patches. It also made styling my hair a lot easier. I’m not brand loyal but I will be with this product. It’s a real winner!…read more reviews here

tastic dry shampoo for all kinds of hair

e the volume that it gives my hair, when I flip my head over and massage it in it leaves it voluminous – the perfect starting place for styling my hair. It doesn’t leave my hair feeling sticky like other dry shampoos as well. I will repurchase this for sure!…read more reviews here


t only was pleasant to use but it really worked at drying the roots of my hair up, giving them such great volume.…read more reviews here

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