6 of the worst things to do to curly hair

6 of the worst things to do to curly hair

If you’ve got a head full of curly strands, you, like Beyoncé here, will know that they can be dry, frizzy and about as obedient as a newborn puppy.

Sometimes taking care of yourself is more about the don’ts than it is the do’s – and if you want to take the best care of your curls, there are a few things you definitely shouldn’t do, not now, not ever – not even one time!

#1: dry comb

Once curly hair dries, the strands become intertwined and harder to separate. To brush your hair effectively, stick to wet combing your hair as the fluidness of your strands will help the comb to glide through without snagging on your hair and causing breakage.

#2: forgetting protection

Heat protection, that is. Curly strands are very defined in the way the hair follicle is structured, so applying heat to the delicate strands can spell disaster, as well as frizz! Use a heat-protecting spray to defend your strands before using heat styling products. This will ensure that the natural wave of your hair is protected and won’t become a frizzy mess post-straighten.

#3: foregoing trims

Forgoing trims is a big mistake – and a major culprit when it comes to dealing with frizzy locks. Regular trims help to stop split ends from travelling up the hair shaft, which can make your hair look haywire and unmanageable.

#4: wet cuts

As you’re probably aware, curly hair has a lot of  ‘spring’ to it. This means that cutting it when wet may mean you end up with hair that’s much shorter than you intended. Make sure your hair is completely dry before you or your hairdresser goes anywhere near it with the scissors.

#5: too much shampoo

One of the main reasons some curls can look so perfect and defined is due to the natural oils in your hair. These oils keep the strands nourished, meaning that the internal structure of your hair follicles stays healthy and protected. Using too much shampoo can strip your hair and scalp of these oils and your strands can become dry and frizzy as a result.

#6: leaving hair ‘unsealed’

Nourishing hair oils can work as a sealant for your hair. Failing to use a hair oil means that your hair is left unsealed, meaning it’s more prone to damage from heat styling or environmental factors such as air conditioning and changes in weather.

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What are your best tips for styling curly hair? What are the don’ts you follow for your own hair?

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  1. After washing , slathering “curl” cream or any king of hair cream in, air drying, braiding, sleeping in braids… love to unravel super smooth defined waves all trough my usually straight fuzzy hair! and only way it works.

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