5 ways to turn a bad hair day around

5 ways to turn a bad hair day around

When you wake up to a bad hair day, it can really make or break your mood. Throw static, wind, frizz and a whole slew of weather woes into the mix, and a good hair day is impossible, right? Wrong. Give your tresses a fighting chance with these fix-it tricks:


Best for: Hiding split ends

When you don’t have time to duck off to the salon for a snip, the next best thing to do is tuck those frayed ends away and out of sight. You can still rock flowing locks if you curl the ends under – in fact, reversing the curl actually gives them more bounce! Nail this style with a hairdryer by twirling the tips around a round brush and then blasting them with heat to lock it all in. Spritz with a strong hold hairspray and you’re good to go. How easy was that?!

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Best for: Windy days

When the weather’s wild, wearing your hair out is risky. Keep the strands at bay (and out of your mouth) by donning a headband. It’ll allow you to let your hair down with zero stress.

bh recommends:Scunci Expandable Headband, Lady Jayne’s Triple Bandeau, Gliders Flex Headband


Best for: Greasy or wet strands

Let’s face it: on some days, that extra time in bed is way too good to pass up, and we just don’t have the time to properly attend to our manes. Minimise the obvious lack of commitment by sticking to these styles that are sophisticated and scream I-really-couldn’t-be-bothered:

First effortless hairstyle: The slick pony
Ok, so it’s not exactly groundbreaking, but it is going to look a thousand times better than a mop of greasy strands. Instead of using wax, slick your hair back with just a touch of conditioner. A small dollop is all you need to smooth out frizz and conceal grease, so comb it through, pull your hair into a pony and tie it with an invisible elastic. To really jazz things up, take a small section of hair from the pony, wrap it around the elastic and pin it in place.
hot tip: Tilt your head back when pulling your hair into the pony – this trick keeps the nape much tighter, and prevents that ugly bulge.

bh recommends:L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Absolut Repair Lipidium Conditioner, Lush American Cream Conditioner

Second effortless hairstyle: Wet hair

Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it, folks. This is actually a really wearable style and, luckily, we’ve already got a full how-to for you right here.


Best for: When static strikes

Static can drive a sane woman straight to the bar, so solve the issue before it gets the better of you. Pull your hair into a pony, and then wrap a bright headscarf around the entire thing, or throw your locks into a high topknot and tie it on the top of your head. Don’t worry about the stray flyaways; once the scarf is on, that frizzy halo will look intentional (not to mention cool). Still can’t stand the static? Nix it by following these rules.

How do you ward off a bad hair day?

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