5 of the best reasons to use dry shampoo


Dry shampoo is a pretty amazing product.

Not only is it the best thing since sliced bread, I think it’s better than bread altogether.

It’s the single most life-changing product you can have in your kit – and even though that might sound slightly dramatic, I assure you, it’s true.

Lazy girls love it, time-poor mums agree it’s their saving grace, and it has women who are prone to oily slicks rejoicing. It’s a multi-tasker of another breed and it’s changing busy lives for the better – left, right and centre. Discover why dry shampoo is quite simply worth owning…

REASON TO USE DRY SHAMPOO #1: It sends oily roots into oblivion

If you’ve got hair that’s on the fine side and prone to becoming oily a day after you’ve washed it, then you’re really in need of a solution. Washing your hair everyday (especially with shampoos that aren’t mild) can mean your hair is stripped of its natural oils and can actually become oilier faster as a result. Allowing your hair’s natural oil cycle to normalise is important – and dry shampoo is a great way to banish greasy roots and product build-up, making your hair look freshly washed during the process.

REASON TO USE DRY SHAMPOO #2: It means you can join in “last minute”

Ever turned down a last minute drinks invitation because you’d penciled in your hair wash for that night? Me too. It’s the pits, because I know how much sporting oily, non-fresh hair can crush your confidence – and if you don’t have time to wash and style, it’s no wonder you don’t want to go out with oily locks. Having dry shampoo handy means that you can spritz the roots of your hair, work it through with your fingers and be out the door in around a minute. Brilliant, eh?

REASON TO USE DRY SHAMPOO #3: It adds life to limp hair

Flat hair is often a side effect of oily hair (fun!), so it’s no wonder you find it difficult to rock bouncy, flouncy waves three days into your hair wash. If your roots are in need of a boost, you can’t look past dry shampoo’s ability to add a volume injection. Simply spray your dry shampoo directly to your roots, then section parallel rows on either side of your part and apply it to those roots too. Work it through by wiggling your fingers through your hair. Voila, instant volume!

REASON TO USE DRY SHAMPOO #4: It makes your hair smell ah-maze-ing

Dry shampoo has come a long way since it’s original talcum-powder state. Batiste Dry Shampoo has a huge range of mouth-watering scents to choose from, including it’s most recent Cherry release. This sweet, invigorating scent will give your hair a boost of tantalising fragrance that lingers for hours. We love the fresh and fruity fragrance for masking undesirable scents (like smoke) and boosting hair that’s days old and has lost that fresh, just-shampooed scent.

REASON TO USE DRY SHAMPOO #5: It’s undetectable in your hair

Have you steered clear of dry shampoo because it always makes your dark hair look a little grey? I understand! That used to be me! Using regular dry shampoos is definitely an issue if you’re a novice, or not that confident with working the product through your hair. The great news is that Batiste Dry Shampoo have released a range of dry shampoos for coloured hair, which means that brunettes and redheads can buy a product that they can be sure won’t be detectable in their hair – no matter how much they use! Yippee!

What is your favourite way to use dry shampoo? Do you have any tips to share when using dry shampoo?

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