3 dry shampoo mistakes you’re probably making

3 dry shampoo mistakes you’re probably making

Dry shampoo is a truly ingenious invention, isn’t it?

It has the ability to make you feel beautiful when you feel unkempt, fresh when you feel grimy and bouncy when you feel flat.

It does in 10 seconds what your regular shampoo takes half an hour to do (when you take into account all of the drying and styling time) and it also gives your hair volume to boot. So why are so many of us making simple mistakes with our dry shampoo? Make sure you’re not making one of these common dry shampoo blunders…

#1: not brushing it through

Many people fail to realise that spritzing dry shampoo onto your oily roots isn’t enough to make them look ‘just washed’. You see, it’s not the simple spritzing that absorbs the oil, it’s the friction caused when you use a brush or your fingers to work it through. The powder acts like a sponge that needs to come into serious contact with the oil before it can begin to absorb and lift it away from your scalp. Failing to brush dry shampoo through your hair also means that it doesn’t add volume to your hair as it does when sprayed right.

#2: not using a coloured dry shampoo

Not only is using a coloured dry shampoo a great way for dark-haired ladies to avoid the dreaded ‘grey tinge’, but it’s also a perfect way to style your hair. Though dry shampoo is great for absorbing oil, it doesn’t only have to be used on oily hair. You can use it to provide serious lift to your flat hair whether it’s oily or just washed, without worrying about telltale grey powder looming in your parting. It also allows you to spritz, brush and go when you’re short on time.

#3: spraying it too close

Spraying dry shampoo too close to your scalp can cause it to build up very quickly, making it feel almost like a thick, liquid sitting on your scalp. It’s also much harder to work through your hair when it’s on so thick. For best results, part your hair cleanly, hold the spray around 30 centimeters away from your head and spritz lightly along your scalp before working it in with a brush or your fingers, before repeating in a different spot.


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What’s your biggest hair styling mistake? Are you guilty of any of these dry shampoo errors?

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