The trending haircuts to try this summer

The trending haircuts to try this summer

Is there anything like going into a new year and just deciding to chop it all off? Nope, not at the beautyheaven office there’s not! We’re all big fans of adopting 2018 hair trends and strutting into the new year as a new woman. After all, when it comes to haircuts for women, it’s all about creating an identity through our manes and showing it off to the world. And occasionally, that identity needs a little refresh, which is the perfect way to start a new year.

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So whether it’s that bob haircut you’ve been secretly saving in your Pinterest folder or just a new take on the classic fringe cut, make ‘Project Haircut 2018’ your priority and embrace these fresh summer haircuts. To help us decipher the fab haircuts from the drab, we enlisted the help of celebrity hairstylist and creative director of ELEVEN Australia Joey Scandizzo. Ready to make that 2018 hair change? It all starts here…

The haircuts you need to try this summer

If you’ve noticed the recent revival of all things 70s on the runways (thanks Gucci!), you might have picked up on the emerging new hair trends that sit in the same decade. They’re shaggy, sexy and much less fuss than the structured cuts we’ve seen in previous years. So rather than spending all your time at the salon to maintain the shape every six weeks, you can spend the rest of summer sunning yourself by the pool – always a plus!

So what haircuts have got all the top hairstylists reaching for the scissors? “I am loving the bowl cut at the moment. It’s a really cool 70s and 80s vibe that looks really fresh and suits both guys and girls,” says Joey. “I think the grown-out bowl shapes that look really lived-in look beautiful.”

But before you panic, know that this isn’t the bowl cut as you know it. In fact, you can get this trending look with just a little fringe trim. “Heavy front cuts and fringes that swing back like curtains are really flattering”, explains Joey. So don’t worry – this version of the bowl cut is just about soft layered cuts that frame the face. Plus, some of your favourite celebrities are already on board, with Rihanna and Agyness Deyn making a strong case for the bowl shape. For a more mature take on the trend, look to the fabulous Helen Mirren.

But if you’re not ready to go full bowl, so to speak, Joey suggests trying the fringe trend du jour  – the curtain fringe. “A lot of celebrities have the heavy curtain fringe which looks amazing,” says Joey. He points to Alexa Chung and Emma Stone as two examples of celebrities that are wearing the curtain fringe like they were born for it.

The best part? Both styles are so easy to look after. “These trends are almost wash and wear styles – the fresher and more undone they look the better, which is perfect for summer!” adds Joey.

Who wears it best?

If you’re ready to commit to the hottest haircuts of the season, it’s time to consult your hairstylist. It’s especially important to get their input as to whether a certain style will be realistic and maintainable for your hair and your lifestyle. Luckily, Joey says that these styles are adaptable to a wide range of face shapes. “It’s a shape and look that can be tailored to an individual face shape,” he says. “It all depends on where you start the fringe length – generally, it works on most people.”

But what about your hair type? After all, we’ve all gotten a cut that we’ve seen on Instagram, had it replicated on our own head only to realise that it reeeally doesn’t vibe with thick/curly/oily hair. So before you get snipping, make sure this cut will wear well on your mane. “For these trends, I’d say hair that is not too thick will work best,” Joey advises. “You don’t want too much height and volume with this cut, so flatter texture works best.” Did you hear that thin-haired babes? You’re up!

Will I be salon-bound every month to keep it in shape?

Well, yes and no. Getting your hair trimmed regularly is obviously imperative to cultivating ultra healthy strands, but Joey says that these cuts will require no more maintenance than any other haircut. “Just keep up with your trims every six to eight weeks. These trends are low maintenance as it is all in the haircut,” says Joey. “Invest in a good cut and your hair will just sit right.”

And don’t sweat styling at home – it’s easier than you think. “The key is to these cuts is to dry your fringe section first and forward, and then let it swing back naturally,” suggests Joey. “As the shape grows out, mix-up your styling products to go with it. ELEVEN Australia’s Dry Powder Volume Paste is great for texture and that lived-in look, and Miracle Hair Treatment to keep hair soft and shiny, while helping to smooth out flyaways. Then add Sea Salt Texture Spray to dry in and create some extra grit.” Done!

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Will you be switching up your haircut this summer?

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