2010: the hair you have to have

2010: the hair you have to have

Now I know that hair is as ever changing as our favourite lip gloss – we’ve had many a trend come in and out of our lives. Cast your minds back to the ‘Rachel’ the ‘Posh bob’ and the ‘Pixie’, not to mention the Carrie Bradshaw balayage look that is still housed on quite a few heads.

I’ve been playing Sherlock these past few months, and keeping a close eye on what is destined to be huge in 2010 – and quite frankly my dear Watson, I think I’ve got it!

Meet Alexa. She is a Brit IT girl, and she has damn cool hair. I have seen many a shaggy bronde (half brown, half blonde) head pass me by lately and when stopped and probed (by yours truly) they’ve sheepishly admitted that yes, they’ve danced into their nearest crop shop, armed with a photo of Alexa Chung.

And why wouldn’t you? The look is unkempt, a little shaggy and utterly adorable. A look like this has the potential to shave years off by adding an innocent girly charm to those who team it with complimentary nude make-up hues. Yet it’s also more than capable of being a grungy girl’s best friend when worn a little sleeker and edgier.

So now that you’ve seen what will surely be a tidal wave hair trend, I just know you’ll go off and scout the supermarkets for a trusty blonde DIY shade (not before consulting bh’s reviews, of course!). Oh, and just so you know, you have my blessing. Just be sure to send in your before and after snaps.

What do you think of the shaggy do?

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