12 Days Of Christmas


The countdown to the festive season has begun!

And to celebrate the season of gifting, we’re giving YOU the chance to win a beauty pack from some of our favourite brands every day for the next 12 days!

To enter, simply click on the tile of the day, add your details and come back to this page every day to check out what’s behind each closed door.

Stay tuned for our daily giveaways on the @beautyheaven Instagram account to see what prizes you can get your hands on.

Please note this competition has now closed.

Congratulations To Our Winners

Day1-WeledaGiveaway Glamfairy
Day1-WeledaGiveaway HelenT
Day1-WeledaGiveaway TinDrum

Day2-SynergieSkin justjo
Day2-SynergieSkin frenchy1

Day3-Avene scary87
Day3-Avene BiancaDaily
Day3-Avene Izzy09

Day4-Garnier Boogielee
Day4-Garnier Ali85
Day4-Garnier blondie1973

Day5-Glasshouse Kim262

Day6-ulta3 katshepsutt
Day6-ulta3 aalana
Day6-ulta3 Sweety7

Day7-Jurlique Miss_85

Day8-JERGENS Princess Perfume
Day8-JERGENS TessShannon
Day8-JERGENS Elunia

Day9-CIRCA kookla123
Day9-CIRCA KatherineLB
Day9-CIRCA Tiara101

Day10-SkinCeuticals sbsam
Day10-SkinCeuticals Rikkiblitzn
Day10-SkinCeuticals Jenniqua

Day11-ElizabethArden deb57

Day12-M.A.C mustangmum
Day12-M.A.C kylemo
Day12-M.A.C organicmusic

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  1. Congratulations winners. It was a challenge to find the list, eventually found an old link to the comp and scrolled a looooooooooooooong way down to the bottom.

    Nice to see a few familiar names … particularly @katshepsutt who is so generous with prizes in her own comps.

    • It’s so exciting to see all the winners of the 12 Days of Christmas epic prizes giveaway. I can’t wait til they start arriving. Congratulations everyone
      I’m looking forward to receiving mine. Thankyou BH and CIRCA

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