10 of the most annoying beauty problems


Picture this:
You’ve overslept and you’ve got a meeting that you can’t be late for. Your hair’s a mess, but luckily you’ve got just enough time to quickly straighten it after you’ve gotten dressed and done your make-up. You’ve done half your head when your trusty hair straightener dies and you’re worse off than before with no time to do anything to fix that bird’s nest on your head. Awesome.

That, my friends, is what we call a beauty problem (not unlike a first world problem).

And sadly, *sigh*, there are so many more beauty problems we all endure on a day-to-day basis.

So let’s join together and commiserate in our shared beauty problems, in no particular order…

Beauty problem #1 – Your shampoo is finished but you’ve got at least half a bottle of conditioner left. You all know this pain too well.

Beauty problem #2 – You buy a new lipstick/nail polish/eyeshadow thinking it’s the shade you’ve been looking for what seems like an eternity, only to find it looks completely different once you’ve applied it.

Beauty problem #3 – You cut yourself shaving, leaving you with a pool of blood so big you truly believe you need a blood transfusion

Beauty problem #4 – Your eye pencil is blunt, so you sharpen it. The point breaks off, so you sharpen again. Repeat until you’re left with a stub that is unusable.

Beauty problem #5 – Your nail polish chips within hours of your flawless application.

Beauty problem #6 – You’re being a disciplined, sun-safe kinda girl and are reapplying your sunscreen at the beach. But you drop your bottle in the sand and suddenly every application of sunscreen means a gentle exfoliation too.

Beauty problem #7 – Lipstick on your teeth that no one told you about as you emphatically told a story. ‘Nuff said.

Beauty problem #8 – You drop your brand spankin’ new, and expensive, bronzer on the floor, smashing the pressed powder to smithereens.

Beauty problem #9 – You thought you scrubbed your make-up off completely, but you wake-up to some serious panda eyes.

Beauty problem $10 – It’s hot, so you whack on a pair of sandals, only to realise your toe nails are looking long, manky and have gross remnants of nail polish.

5 make-up blunders solved!…

Simple fixes for annoying problems…

What’s your beauty problem?

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