10 hot hairstyles – Natasha Poly

10 hot hairstyles – Natasha Poly

We all get stuck in a hair rut once in a while so we thought we’d serve you up some mid-year suggestions – really just the best of the best of the year to date. Well that was the plan anyway, but then we found so many styles that we adored from the last few months that it was impossible to rifle through snaps harking back to January.
So here it is, the current 10 top hairstyles that you should be sporting and a little at-home advice…

Retro glamour: Natasha Poly

Okay, so it’s not a ‘new’ look as such but it is new in the fact that it was dangled in front of our loving eyes at the Jean Paul Gaultier Paris Couture show just last week. The marcel wave (a.k.a finger wave) is a big hit at bh HQ as it evokes instant glamour and vampy sex appeal – it’s very femme fatale when teamed with a dark red lip.

You’ll need:L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.art A.Head Spray and Elite Dresser Comb.

Instant glamour – need we say more?

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